Business Communication

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  • Published : February 3, 2013
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Business Communication

Case Study #1:
The group exercise schedule has a 12:00 noon class that ends at 1:00 pm. The sign on the group exercise room reads “On New Year’s Eve there will be no classes after 12 noon.” Question:- Does this mean that the noon class will be held or only the classes before this class? Ans.:- The sign reads that “On New Year’s Eve there will be no classes after 12 noon” which means that any classes scheduled after 12 noon stands cancelled. Therefore, this means that only the classes scheduled before 12noon would take place Task 2 How could you word this sign for improved clarity? A simple notice saying that “No classes on New Year’s Eve after 12 p.m. ” should be put up on the group exercise room, which would provide clarity to students that there would be no group exercise class after the clock strikes 12 in the noon on New Year’s Eve

Task 4
Choose an Advertisement.
1. In your own words describe the advertisement in detail. 2. Point out the positives from the communication point of view. 3. Point out the negatives from the communication point of view and say how the communication could have been improved. Answer:

Advertisement: - The Hindu’s Ad campaign
Tagline :- Stay Ahead Of Times.
The advertisement begins with a person asking different general knowledge questions, to the youth of our country at different places, belonging to different backgrounds. Questions asked in the advertisement are pretty simple for example who is the author of Harry Potter series? What is the full form of UPA? What is the full form Of ATM? and all the questions are answered incorrectly. Then a question relating to the glamour world (specifically film industry) is asked, which is answered correctly by all of them. In the end, they are inquired about the brand of the newspaper they read and surprisingly all of them answer Times of India, then a Hindu newspaper is shown and the tagline used is Stay ahead of times.

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