Learning Team Strategic Management Plan

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September 24, 2007
Week 3

Mission: To excel academically while progressing through the BSOM curriculum at Tusculum College and graduate in December 2008. We will develop and cultivate the qualities and skills needed to succeed in the program and promote the value of learning within ourselves as well as our fellow classmates.

Goal 1: Pass each course in the BSOM program with no less than a grade of C.

• Complete assignments and projects thoroughly, following all directions given by the instructor. • Attend each class session, arrive on time, and stay for the duration of the class. • Turn in all projects or assignments by the deadline set by instructors. • Acquire syllabus and class schedule at least 10 days prior to first day of class to ensure that all assignments are completed by their due date.

Goal 2: Meet as a Learning Team at least one time per week to discuss upcoming projects.

• Meetings to be scheduled after Monday night classes and must occur before Saturday of the given week. • Meet at a designated location and specific time agreed upon by all teammates. • Collaborate together to make sure everyone has the appropriate materials and text needed for a productive and effective meeting.

Goal 3: Provide support for each team member via email, phone, meetings, and/or tutoring efforts.

• Respond to a team member’s email or phone message within 24 hours of receiving it. • Engage in active listening and provide constructive feedback before, during and after all team projects. • Capitalize on individual strengths of team members while developing the weaknesses of other team members.

Goal 4: Maintain a goal-oriented and focused attitude throughout the program.

• Meet immediately after beginning a new class to review the course syllabus as a learning team in order to identify each team member’s strengths and weaknesses pertaining to the...
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