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How to handle bullies:

While taking preventative measures as parents and teachers to work with children and teens who are likely candidates for becoming a bully, is the best option, it is also not always possible. However, if you are a parent or a teacher with a child or student who exhibits behavior problems like anger management issues, troubles in school, difficulty in keeping friends, exhibiting rude and disrespectful behavior and many other similar issues, it is important for you to seek emotional support through counseling for your child. Or if you are a teacher, it is important to recommend the student see the guidance counselor of have the child's parents take him/her to a counselor for help. In many cases with bullies, the child might have a difficult family or home life and might see domestic violence, emotional abuse and other forms of abuse on a regular basis. They might even be abused or bullied at home by a family member. Children like these need help as soon as possible before they perpetuate the violent cycle by becoming a bully themselves.

If your child is exhibiting signs and symptoms of being the victim of already existing cases of bullying, there are a few tips and ways to teach them how to handle bullies. One of these ways is to take the matter straight to the source of the bully's parents or to the teacher or authority figures at the school if the bullying is taking place while at school. There is a misconception that if the child reports the incident to a teacher or their parent, they will be at risk for retaliation and even further bullying. However, this is typically not the case. The risk is worth it when it comes to protecting your child against bullying. Another way to teach your child how to handle bullies is to encourage them to travel in packs and maintain a solid group of friends. Having friends and a support group will make your child less likely to be the recipient of bullying attacks. Children who play alone or find themselves with few friends are often the primary targets for bullies. Lastly, encouraging and building your child or teen's self esteem in another one of the best ways how to handle bullies. Children and teens with higher self esteem are also not at such a high risk of bullying attacks. If necessary get your child counseling or emotional support to help them build self esteem and to learn how to mentally and emotionally handle bullies.


There are many types of negative physical interactions that can occur between young people, including fighting, practical jokes, stealing, and sexual harassment. These things are not considered physical bullying unless:

The same victim is targeted repeatedly
The bully or bullies intend to hurt, embarrass, or intimidate the victim The actions occur in a situation with a real or perceived imbalance of power, such as when the bully is stronger than the victim or has a higher social standing

Physical bullying occurs most often at school, though it can also occur on the way to and from school and after school. Middle school is the age when bullying is most common, with almost all middle school students being affected directly or indirectly by bullying. This is an age where young people want more to fit in with their peers, making some students more likely to bully or condone bullying to fit in, while those who don't fit in stand out more as victims. Bullying can also occur in earlier grades, as well as through high school and even into adulthood.

Physical bullying is more likely to occur among males, though females may also be the perpetuators or victims of physical bullying. Bullies may have any number of reasons for bullying others, such as wanting more control over others, and wanting to fit in. Bullies are often physically stronger than their victims and have friends who condone their behavior. Students who bully others, however, often have trouble with self control, following rules, and caring for others, and are...
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