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Topics: House, Boarding house, Lodging Pages: 9 (2489 words) Published: March 9, 2013
Department of Hospitality Management
College of Home Science and Industry
Central Luzon State University
Science City of Munoz, Nueva Ecija

Preference of Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management
Students staying at Boarding house

De Gracia, Melody
Dionisio, Karen S.
Gonzales, Cazandra B.
Idago, Maureen A.
Moises, Joel Christian A.
Mola Cruz, Julie Anne
Tolentino, Ronalyn

In Partial Fulfilment of the Requirements for the subject HRM 355 (Methods of Research)

March 2013
“Preference of Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management students staying at Boarding house” I. Introduction
According to Alice Ross a boarding house is a house (often a family home) in which lodgers rent one or more rooms for one or more nights, and sometimes for extended periods of weeks, months, and years. The common parts of the house are maintained and some services such as laundry and cleaning may be supplied. They normally provide “bed and board”, that is, at least some meals as well as accommodation. A “lodging house” also known as a “rooming house”, may or may not offer meals. Lodgers legally only obtain a license to use their rooms, and not exclusive possession to the landlords retain the night of access.

The importance of this research study is to know their reasons in choosing boarding house as a home while they are studying instead of dormitory. It also helps other students to choose which lodging is better and it help also the university to have a good idea on how they improve the facilities in the dormitory and lastly because of this research study the researchers would be able to know the preferences and reasons of the HRM students of Central Luzon State University in choosing a boarding house. II. Related Literature

According to Wil- lard V. Steinhardt, 2 E. D. Smith (N. Y.) 148 “The distinction between a boarding-house and an dormitory is that in a boarding-house the guest is under an express contract, at a aerating rate for a certain period of time.”

As the old saying goes, “Home is where the heart is”. Pardon the emotional even nauseating adage, but it is in fact true, as most people would attest to that, but it does not mean that preference for living away from home, like in a dorm, removes affiliation from one’s home. Is it better to live at boarding house or in a dorm? Living at boarding house of course has countless benefits and comforts. Boarding house for us is where life commences and where one grows and learns, and where maturity fortifies. It is indeed comfortable and secure to stay at boarding house, even beyond adolescence. According to Cady V. McDowell, 1 Laus. (N. Y.) 486

“A boarding-house is not in common parlance, or in legal meaning, every private house where one or more boarders are kept occasionally only and upon special considerations. But it is a quasi public house, where boarders are generally and habitually kept, and which is held out and known as a place of entertainment of that kind.”

One, boarding house gives the individual comforts and security. Second, boarding house teaches a person social norms and values while the dormitory environment can enhance these values and social skills. As the growing up stage of the child takes place in the home environment it like boarding house therefore becomes vital for the initial socialization process. The person acquires basic values and skills from home. III. Statement of the Problem

This research entitled “Preference of Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management students staying at boarding house” was created by the researchers as a guideline for the other students in terms of choosing a better lodging. The researchers was formally stated their problems. First, what are the preferences of the HRM students staying at boarding house? Second, does other student affect them in their preference of staying in the boarding house? Third, what are the advantages staying in...
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