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Important Formula #1
In case of animal cells, cytokinesis takes place through cell furrow (centripetal). Cytokinesis takes place in plants by the formation of cell plate (centrifugal). Important Formula #2
Meiosis causes reduction chromosome number, so it is also known as reduction division.

Important Formula #1
For oxidative phosphorylation, 2.5 ATP are produced per NADH and 1.5ATP per FADH2. (Approx.) Important Formula #2
Non-germinating live seeds and grains respire by way of lactic fermentation and their Respiratory quotient (RQ) would be undefinable, irrespective of the nature of their nutrient reserves. They switch over to aerobiosis only upon germination. ORIGIN OF LIFE

Important Formula #1
Life originated in the form of cyanobacteria about 3600 million years ago Important Formula #2

Important Formula #1
Remembering the division of the animal kingdom (in order)
Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species
King Paul Called Out For Gus and Sam
Important Formula #2
Aristotle has been viewed upon as the Founder of classical taxonomy, whereas Carolus Linnaeus, as the Founder of modern or contemporary taxonomy. ECOLOGY
Important Formula #1
Xerophytes have a very low area/volume ratio of their body, a very high root /shoot ratio, highly developed xylem and sclerenchyma in general. They have a thick cuticle, stomata either sunken or present in pits/crypts as in Nerium, and commonly possess a multiple epidermis . Most adapted xerophytes like cacti and succulents even possess nocturnally opening (scotoactive) stomata. Important Formula #2

Notable dates with reference to environment are : February 2 (World Wetlands Day) , March 21 (World Forestry Day), April 22 (Earth Day) , June 5 (World Environment Day), July 6 (Vanmahotsav), July 11 (World Population Day), October 1 to 7 (Wildlife week), November 1 (World Ecology Day) , and December 3 (World Conservation Day). HUMAN HEALTH DISEASES...
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