Bio Bacteria Review

Topics: Bacteria, Microbiology, Archaea Pages: 2 (323 words) Published: February 10, 2013
Autotroph- Organisms that get their carbon directly from CO2 Pathology- Scientific study of disease
Pilus- protein structures on the surface of some bacteria
Halophile- Salt loving Achaea that live in environments with very high salt concentration Prokaryote- single celled organisms, lack membrane bound nucleus Zoonosis- A disease that can be passed down from animals to humans Endospore- When Gram positive bacteria can form a thick coated, resistant structure Compare and contrast Gram positive and Gram negative bacteria. Gram negative- Dyes red its more complicated and has less peptidoglycan Gram positive- Dyes purple its less complicated and has more peptidoglycan Compare and contrast Domain Bacteria and Domain Archaea

1. Cell wall contains peptidoglycan.
2. Heterotroph.
3. One kind of RNA.
4. Cannot live in environments with temperatures above 100 degrees Celcius. Archaea
1.Cell wall lacks peptidoglycan
2. Autotroph
3. Several kinds of RNA
4. Can live in extreme environmental conditions

Know the shapes and structures of bacteria
Bacillus (rod-shaped)
Coccus (round-shaped)
Spirillum (spiral-shaped)
Streptococci (cocci chain)
Staphylococci (cocci cluster)
Groups of Bacteria
Proteobacteria- Symbiotic Bacteria converts nitrogen to ammonia for plants to use, can cause ulcers Gram Positive- Can cause strep throat, Lactic acid bacteria, used to make antibiotics Cyanobacteria- work like plants use photosynthesis to get energy from sunlight, give off oxygen Spirochetes- Gram negative, spiral shaped bacteria they can cause STI Chlamydia- Gram negative, live inside animal cells

Structure and Function of Bacteria
Cell wall- Protects the cell and gives the cell shape
Cell membrane- Regulates what enters and exits the cell
Cytoplasm- Contains the DNA, ribosomes, organic compound
DNA- is a singular, circular strand, no nucleus
Pilli- Helps cells attach to other cells
Endospores- contains DNA, survives during harsh conditions...
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