Pathophysiology Chp4

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Gould: Pathophysiology for the Health Professions, 4th Edition Chapter 04: Infection Test Bank-MULTIPLE CHOICE

1.Bacteria that form a cluster of spheres are called:
a.| Bacilli|
b.| Diplococcic|
c.| Staphylococci|
d.| Streptococci|

2.An anaerobe requires which specific environment?
a.| a dry environment|
b.| an acidic medium|
c.| air at temperature less than 61° F/16° C|
d.| the absence of oxygen|

3.The presence of the bacterial capsule:
a.| promotes attachment of the bacteria to tissue|
b.| protects the microbe from phagocytosis|
c.| increases the release of toxins and enzymes|
d.| prevents replication of the bacterium|

4.Microbial mutation means that:
a.| genetic information and some microbial characteristics have changed| b.| pathogens become nonpathogens|
c.| the microbe survives adverse conditions but can no longer replicate| d.| the immune response to that microbe is strengthened|

5.A bacterial endospore can:
a.| also be classified as an acid-fast bacterium|
b.| exist in latent form inside a host cell|
c.| reproduce very rapidly|
d.| survive high temperatures and dry environment|

6.The structure of a virus includes:
a.| a cell wall and membrane|
b.| metabolic enzymes for replication|
c.| a protein coat and either DNA or RNA|
d.| a slime capsule and cilia|

7.What method do viruses use to replicate?
a.| binary fission|
b.| budding of a daughter cell from the parent viral cell| c.| producing reproductive spores|
d.| using a host cell to produce and assemble components|

8.A retrovirus such as HIV contains:
a.| RNA and enzymes for its conversion|
b.| a double strand of DNA|
c.| many enzymes to limit budding of new virions|
d.| numerous mitochondria|

9.How do antiviral drugs act?
a.| interfering with cell wall development|
b.| decreasing cell membrane permeability|
c.| destroying new, immature viral particles|
d.| reducing the rate of viral replication|

10.Which statement applies to yeasts? They:
a.| are usually considered to be pathogenic|
b.| consist of clusters of cells|
c.| may cause opportunistic infection in the body|
d.| are normally not found in resident flora|

11.Fungi reproduce by:
1. budding
2. extension of hyphae
3. binary fission
4. production of spores
a.| 1, 2|
b.| 2, 4|
c.| 1, 2, 4|
d.| 2, 3, 4|

12.Which of the following is NOT classified as a protozoan agent of disease? a.| Plasmodium vivax|
b.| Trichomonas vaginalis|
c.| Tinea pedis|
d.| Entamoeba histolytica|

13.Which of the following is a characteristic of rickettsia? a.| It is a very small gram-negative intracellular microbe.| b.| It exists in three forms.|
c.| It causes sexually transmitted disease.|
d.| It reproduces by budding.|

14.Entamoeba histolytica is transmitted by:
a.| mosquitoes (bites)|
b.| inhaling contaminated particles|
c.| sexual intercourse|
d.| cysts in feces|

15.Which of the following is a characteristic of resident or normal flora (microflora)? a.| It exists in all areas of the body.|
b.| Different species inhabit various areas of the body.| c.| It is of no benefit to the human host.|
d.| It consists only of bacteria.|

16.Which area of the body is considered sterile?
a.| stomach|
b.| pharynx|
c.| distal urethra|
d.| vagina|

17.The term nosocomial infection means:
a.| transmission involves an insect or animal host|
b.| acquired in a hospital or medical facility|
c.| transmitted by a fomite|
d.| spread by direct contact with secretions from an open lesion|

18.Transmission of microbes by direct contact includes:
a.| touching a contaminated countertop|
b.| sexual intercourse|
c.| drinking contaminated water|
d.| inhaling dust-borne...
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