Bio 201 Final Review

Topics: DNA, Genetics, Gene Pages: 22 (5203 words) Published: November 28, 2012
Which of the following is most likely to occur when a tumor-suppressor gene is mutated? - The tumor-suppressor gene and resulting protein may lose its function and ability to suppress cell proliferation. Mutations can produce a polypeptide with increased function. - TRUE

________can convert proto-oncogenes into oncogenes.
- Nonsense mutations
Most human embryos that are aneuploidy
- are spontaneously aborted in the first trimester.
Horses and donkeys are closely related species that can interbreed. However, the offspring produced are usually sterile and cannot reproduce. What term would best describe the offspring from this mating? - alloploid

Mitotic cell division is never used by organisms as a means of reproduction. - FALSE
Which of the following accurately gives the distribution of phenotypes produced from a cross of purple dwarf pea plants that are heterozygous for flower color and plant height? - 63 purple dwarf; 28 purple tall; 27 white dwarf; 7 white tall A man with pattern baldness and a woman who has no baldness have a son who develops pattern baldness. Their son has a daughter who also develops pattern baldness. They determine that her expression of this trait is not a symptom of a medical condition. If her mother does not have pattern baldness, the daughter's genotype is ________ and her mother's genotype is _____________. - BB, Bb

If a pink snapdragon is self-fertilized, the offspring are red, pink, or white. What type of inheritance pattern does flower color exhibit in this example? * incomplete dominance
Which of the following organelle(s) has/have a genome separate from the genome in the cell nucleus? - mitochondria and chloroplast
The inheritance pattern in which the mother provides gene products to the developing egg cells is called - maternal effects.
If a testcross for two different traits produces more nonrecombinant than recombinant offspring, then the alleles for the two traits - are on the same chromosome.
An episome is
- a plasmid that can integrate into the bacterial genome.
Viral genomes must always be excised from the bacterial chromosome before viral components can be produced. - FALSE
A bacterial cell must have ___________ in order to transfer portions of its chromosome to another cell. - an F factor
What can be inferred from an organism that has undergone a gene knockout? - The GMO is a homozygote and the cloned gene carries a mutation. Which of the following is an example of a clone on the organism level? - identical twins

Following treatment with restriction enzymes, what procedure would be used to isolate DNA fragments of different lengths? -gel electrophoresis
At what phase of the cell cycle does p53 halt cell division if it senses DNA damage? - G1
Certain types of cancer are caused by viruses.
Consider a diploid species where n=5. If an individual of this species was found to have 11 chromosomes, it would be categorized as - both aneuploid and trisomic.
At the end of meiosis I
- the cells are haploid and the homologous pairs are in separate cells. A chromosome with the centromere located two-thirds of the distance from its end could be classified as -either submetacentric or acrocentric.

A woman comes to your genetic counseling center because she knows that Huntington disease occurs in members of her family. Her paternal grandfather was afflicted, but so far her father shows no symptoms. Her two great-great grandmothers on her father's side were healthy well into their 90s, and one of her great-great grandfathers died of unknown causes at 45. Testing for Huntington disease is extremely expensive, but she is concerned that she may fall victim to this disease and wants to plan her life accordingly. After examining her pedigree you advise her to - get tested because her father could be a carrier.

What features of meiosis allow for independent assortment of chromosomes? - random alignment of homologous sister chromatids on the metaphase plate The...
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