Becoming a Lawyer

Topics: Psychology, President of the United States, Person Pages: 1 (384 words) Published: December 4, 2012
The last week in my Composition I-65 course we had to write about an editorial with which you disagree and argue an opposing viewpoint and it had to be a current interest. So I chose to write about the Presidential Election and the Economy issue today. The way that my topic relates to my personal or my professional interest is that the way this world is coming to, we depend on our government to keep us going and if we chose the wrong president then where will we be. We have one president that is wanting to take away our Second Amendment and one that is willing to change the way are economy is going. The way that I investigated the topic that I chose was I am always watching Fox News and CNN. I always try to keep up with what is going on in the world that we live. It just does not depend on us, it is our government. I talked with a few people to get their views on the subject and it is a hard subject for people to talk to. The sources that I found that was very helpful with this paper was that my father gets this magazine called the American Rifleman and the past few months it has had a few articles about the election so I did use it. I also viewed some research on the internet, but mostly I did it on my point of view of the Presidential Election. I would have to say that the research that I did for my paper was very educational, not just for me, but for whoever does not know what is going on with the Election can read this and understand it a little bit more. This is something that the American people need to understand and know what is going on and not complain after the fact. My views on the topic that I used did not change after the research that I found and what I have learned on T.V. This is something that I am very interest in and I think that they American people need to be more involved. Yes, I did learn a lot from doing this paper and I do hope that other will do the same.
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