Bad News

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  • Published : March 26, 2013
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Bad News Letter Guidelines
Tips: Before you start writing the letter, you have to ask yourself the following questions: 1. Is the letter for internal or external communication? * How close are the sender and the receiver? The Salutation (Dear / Hello / Mr. / Wolfgan?) and the Closing (Sincerely / Best / Love / Regards?) should pay attention! 2. How many parties are involved in the event? (a Mainland company IS NOT the name of the supplier!!) 3. Do you understand the basic manufacturing process of a product / the product? NO Google it then!! (Make sure you understand the meaning of ‘supplier’, ‘electrical component’, ‘assemble’, and ‘end product’ because components are very different from end products). 4. What is the role and duty of each part involved?

5. What is the event happened? What is the damage to the factory? Why is it related to the large consignment? What is the bad news exactly What is the real problem led by the incident in the factory? What is the immediate impact on the large consignment? 6. Is there any damage involved in the case? What kind of damage (e.g. financial, relationship…etc.?) will bring to the company? And recommendations on solution? What kind of short- / long- term effect will bring between the company and the supplier? 7. What’s the immediate solution to the immediate problem? Why and How is it going to solve the problem 8. What other concerns is arose from the incident that constitute impact / damage to the company in longer term? What’s your suggestion / solution? What are the reasons to support your suggestion / solution? 9. Some of you mention about ‘customers / clients’. Where are they in the chain? What’s their role? If they are involved, what kind of damage will cause to them due to the incident? Why is it important to keep relationship with the clients? What is / are the solution(s)? What are the benefits of the solutions (in the short-term or long-term?) Salutation|...
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