Application Case: Ya Kun Kaya Toast

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Application Case: Ya Kun Kaya Toast


Working in a group of 2-3, answer the questions given at the end of the case titled 'Ya Kun Kaya Toast' on page # 195 of the 13th edition of the textbook.

You are required to give a brief summary of the case before proceeding to the questions. Your answers must be thorough and detailed, satisfying all the requirements of the given questions.


Assignments will conform to the following structural requirements –

A cover page with course, assignment title, student names and student IDs, instructor name, and date of submission; •Times New Roman 12 pt. Font (or Calibri 11 pt Font);
Bibliography of all the sources you have used; visited or consulted while researching for this assignment.


The Instructor will evaluate your assignment on the following basis:

Points of EvaluationDescription
ProfessionalismContains no spelling mistakes, is properly structured with appropriate headings and titles, properly stapled, appropriate use of table of content Fulfillment of requirementsComplies with the structural requirements mentioned in the Construction of Assignment section IntegrityContent is original and not plagiarized or copied from other sources or fellow students Content of reportContent of report is complete.

Student demonstrates complete subject knowledge and thoroughly understands the concepts. •There is clarity in the report and reader does not find difficulty comprehending the report.

Submission Date: 28th November, 2012 in office # 125 by 2 PM. Any submission after 2 PM will be considered late.
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