Anatomy Notes on the Hip

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  • Published : February 28, 2013
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Exam 3

Hip and Thigh

Anatomy of the Hip

Hip and pelvic region are not synonymous
* Hip is articulation of femur with pelvis
* Pelvis consists of sacrum, coccyx, and 2 large hipbones on either side. * Hip bones are called innominates
* have a right and left
* pelvis and innominates protect reproductive organs
* also part of birth canal
* Serves as a stable platform
* Supports the body weight
* Links the sacrum with weight transmission into lower extremities * ** females have lighter, thinner and smoother bones than males in hip and pelvic region * more flared than males (bigger butts)

Consists at birth of 3 separate bones joined by hyaline cartilage 1. ilium
2. ischium
3. pubis

Largest bones of innominate
* posterior known as ala or wings
* anterior known as iliac fossa
lot of muscular attachment onto the iliac fossa
** bones are also more flared in girls
* broader/wider hips
Iliac Crest- thickened superior ridge
* serves as muscular attachment
* common contact injuries – hip pointers
Spines of the Ilium
* anterior superior iliac spine (ASIS)
* anterior inferior iliac spine (AIIS)
* posterior superior iliac spine (PSIS)
* posterior inferior iliac spine (PIIS)
other structures on ilium-
Greater Sciatic Notch – deep indentation inferior to PIIS (layer 1) Auricular surface – large roughened region on iliac fossa (layer 1) * articulates with sacrum to form sacroiliac SI joint
* iliacus m. originates on iliac fossa

Lower part of innominate and marked by several structures

Ischial Spine – between the great and lesser sciatic notches * attachment for sacrospinous ligament
* physician will measure to determine pelvic outlet
** farther apart in females
* too small, what happens?
* Women will have a C-section during birth
Lesser sciatic notch – indentation below...
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