Anatomy Lab 2 Exam

Topics: Scapula, Knee, Hip Pages: 7 (1847 words) Published: March 7, 2013
t Actions
* Flexion: decrease in joint angle from anatomical postion (bend elbow, flexing forearm) * Extension: return to anatomical position from flexion
* Abduction: away from body
* Adduction: return of body to anatomical position
* Rotation: circular
* Lateral: anterior surface to lateral side
* Medial: anterior surface to medial side
* Circumduction: conical shape
* Protraction: horizontal movement in anterior direction (jaw forward) * Retraction: reverse of protraction.
* Elevation: move in superior direction. Upward. (shrug shoulder) * Depression: inferior direction. Down.
* Inversion/Supination: soles medially, facing each other * Eversion/Pronation: soles laterally, away from each other Region: Shoulder (Superficial)|
Name of Muscle| Origin| Insertion| Action| |
Trapezius| -Posterior occipital bone-ligamentul nuchae-C7-T12| -Clavicle-acromion process-spine of scapula| -head extension/abduction-scapula rotation/adduction-fix scapula| POSTERIORDiamond shape| Upper| Occupital boneCervical spine| -clavicle-acromium process| -elevation-upward rotation| | Middle| Thoracic spine| Spine of scapula| Retraction| Runs horizontally| Lower| Lower thoracic spine| Base of spine of scapula| -depression-upward rotation| -runs upward| DeltoidShoulder.| -clavicle-acromion process-spine of scapula| -deltoid tuberosity of humerus| -arm abduction-flexion-extension-medial/ lateral rotation| LATERAL. Top of shouldersDelta triangle| Anterior| Clavicle| Deltoid tuberosity| FlexionHorizontal adduction| | Middle| Acrominum process| - Deltoid tuberosity| Abduction| | Posterior| Spine and scapula| Deltoid tuberosity| ExtensionHorizontal abduction| | Pectoralis MajorChest. 0| -Clavicle-sternum-Cartilage of ribs 1-7| -crest of greater tubercle of humerus| Arm-flexion-horizontal adduction-regular adduction-medial rotation-extension from flexion| ANTERIOR*powerful muscle b/c origin > insert| Pectoralis Minor| Ribs 3-5| -Coracoid process of scapula| -Depression of glenoid cavity-Raise ribs 3-5-depression-protraction-downward rotation| ANTERIORDeep of major| Latissimus Dorsi| -T7-12-L1-5S1-5T7 to SACRUM-Crest of Ilium-Ribs 10-12| Intertubercular groove of humerus| -arm medial rotation-arm extension-arm adduction-draw shoulder inferiorly| POSTERIOR“Swimmer’s Muscle”|

Region: Shoulder (Deep) POSTERIOR.Rotator Cuff Supraspinatus, Infraspinatus, Teres Minor, Subscapularis (SITS)**teres major not a part of cuff**| Name of Muscle| Origin| Insertion| Action| NOTES|

Supraspinatus| -Supraspinous fossa| -greater tubercle of humerus| -Arm abduction-help stabilize shoulder joint| POSTERIORtop| Infraspinatus| -infraspinous fossa| -greater tubercle of humerus| -lateral rotation of arm-stabilize shoulder joint| POSTERIORMid-section| Subscapularis| -subscapular fossa| -lesser tubercle of humerus| -medial rotation of arm-stabilize shoulder joint| ANTERIOROpposite of infraspinatus| Teres minor| -lateral border of scapula| -greater tubercle of humerus| -lateral rotation of arm-adduction of arm-stabilize shoulder joint| POSTERIORAbove major-next to scapula| Teres major| -interior angle of scapula| -crest of lesser tubercle of humerus| Arms-extension-adduction-medial rotation| POSTERIORBelow minor-next to scapula|

Region: Arm|
Name of Muscle| Origin| Insertion| Action| |
Biceps brachii| Long-Superior margin of glenoid process| -radial tuberosity-midmedial humerus| -arm flexion-forearm elbow flexion-supination of handShoulder flexion| ANTERIOR- | | Short-coracoid process of scapula| | | |

Triceps BrachiiLongMedialLateral| Infraglenoid tuberosity of scapula-lateral /posterior humerus| -olecrenon process-tuberosity of ulna| -arm flexion-forearm flexion-forearm Elbow extension-shoulder extension| | Coracobrachialis| -coracoid process of scapula| -midmedial shaft...
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