Analysing Conversation

Topics: The Order, Order to show cause Pages: 5 (1807 words) Published: December 20, 2012
Universität Potsdam
Philosophische Fakultät
Institut für Anglistik und Amerikanistik
Seminar: Analysing Conversation
Wintersemester 2011/2012

Test Paper
Transcript B

1. Analysis of generic text structure and function
| Global Organisation| Generic Structure and Communicative Function| Lexical and Grammatical Means| 1 Les: Oh hello2 (0.2)3 Les: Is uh Mister Bathgate the:re?4 (0.7)| Opening Phasegreetingreason for call is the wish of speaking to Bat, here it is formed as an indirect request| the recipient of the call does not speak first, which is very unusualit is Les who says ‘hello’ to clarify whether or not a channel of communication has been establishedthe pauses show her surprising | ‘Oh hello’ as sign of Les’ surprising (expected Rec to speak first)| 5 Rec: Mister Bathwick who sh'll I say is calling,6 Les: Sorry, .h ehm (.) Well (.) mihMissiz Field with a que:ry7 about her order.| identification; ‘query’ as signal word for the request| Rec responds very impolite; phatic remark: Rec asks for the identity of the caller and corrects the wrong pronunciation of BatLes apologizes for giving a wrong name and | Les seems to be unsettled because of the circumstances and unpleasant situation(.h ehm (.) Well (.)) | 9 Rec: Missiz Poole.10 Les: Field.h11 Rec: Missiz Field.12 (.)13 Les: Ye[s.14 Rec: [Yes J'sta moment.15 Les: 'kyou,16 - - - t a p e c u t - - - | identification by giving the nameconnection of Les and Bat| dispreferred reaction of Rec (repeating a wrong name) situation is strange and the participants seem to be unfamiliar with the situation of talking to each other| during the whole conversation between Rec and Les: only very short sentences (sometime just one word) signal for social relation (unfamiliar)a ‘please’ is missing impolitejust the short ‘kyou as a form of politeness| 17 Les: .hh Mister Bathwick (.) uh:m I did ask if you c'd do me an18 order on Thu:rsday if I came in an'got it ready:,19 Bat: (C'rrect.)20 (.)21 Les: .hh Uh this is Leslie Field h[ere,].hh]=22 Bat: [Yes ]yes]= | new opening phase greeting; reason for call shows again the question for some action (request); identification without giving her name recognitionagain identification| back reference to a previous talk (pre-apposition)hedging: depends also on Les if the request can be fulfilledfollow-up move shows recognition of previous talk to Lesgives her name again to clarify the situation or relationship, phatic inquiry| ‘if you could do’ conditional request the overlap of Les and Bat could signal that Bat did already know who he is talking to and that he wants the talk to go on (start business phase)| 23 Les: =uhm (.) but you know I'm a relief teacher I've been asked24 t'teach on Thursda[y.25 Bat: [Mmhm,=26 Les: =.hh An' (.) I'm coming in t'morrow: or I could pop in27 Les: quickly on Wednesday, I wonder .hhh a:re you able t'do: (.) 28 deliver another da:y (.) o:r: wwhat d'you think.29 (0.4)30 Bat: It would be very difficult t'deliver another da::y,31 Les: Yes.32 Bat: Uh:m| Business Phaseindirect request names a possibility to fulfill the requestLes is very polite because she wants Bat to work on the order and leaves options for Bat | reason for call, again back reference to a previous talkannouncement of a problemminimal response, backchannelasks for the ability of Bat (Is he able to do the order earlier?)dispreferred answer, blocking response concerning the time (face threatening) problem that has to be solved| thoughtful ‘Mmhm’ could signal that Bat noticed that a problem will follow ‘I could’ uses conditional as form of politenessLes rethinks her sentence and chooses ‘deliver’ instead of ‘do’ so that it sounds more formal (politeness) ‘very’ upgrader| | | in order to solve the originated problem Les goes on speaking because she wants Bat to do something...
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