Alternative Learning System Reviewer for Secondary Level

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Republic of the Philippines
Department of Education
Division of South Cotabato
Kibang, Ned, Lake Sebu, South Cotabato


Choose the appropriate statement for the following situation.

1. After fifteen years, your childhood friend, Rosa came home to Manila for a vacation. How will you greet her?
A) Go away! I don’t want to see you!
B) You are just wasting your time here.
C) Hi! I am glad to see you again, how are you?
D) What seems to be the reason why you came back?

Answer questions 2-4 based on the following selection:

Forest Conservation

It takes about ten to one hundred years or more for a large tree to reach its full growth. Hence, if the trees in mountains and forests were carelessly cut down, it would take hundreds of years to replace them.

Reforestation or tree farming is one of the projects undertaken by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) to replace the trees that have cut down in the forest. In tree farms, selective farming is done for a constant supply of young trees for reforestation activities. Preventing forest fires is also another way of conserving our trees.

Let us do our part in saving our forest before it’s too late.

2. The phrase “tree farming” in the first sentence of the second paragraph means
A) planting of treeC) removal of trees
B) cutting of treesD) barking of trees

3. How long does it take for a large tree to attain its full growth?
A) 1-10 yearsC) 7-10 years
B) 5-10 yearsD) 10-100 years or more

4. What is the government’s way to conserve our forest?
A) ReforestationC) Selective farming
B) Selective farmingD) Importation of lumbers

For numbers 5 and 6, identify the sentiment expressed in each sentence in each sentence.

5. I will succeed in life.
A) PatienceC) Obedience
B) KindnessD) Determination

6. I have to go, my friend is waiting for me downstairs.
A) HurryC) Hope
B) BoredomD) Anger

For numbers 7 to 9, read following paragraph and choose the appropriate word or group of words to fill in the blanks.
Last Saturday, Rica (7) her birthday. Many (8) attended the party including her friends and relatives. She (9) very happy because everybody was there.

7. A) celebrateC) celebrates
B) celebratedD) is celebrating
8.A) visitsC) visitor
B) visitedD) visitors

9. A) isC) are
B) wasD) were

For item 10, choose the sentence that is NOT CORRECTLY constructed.

10.A) She said.C) Have a nice day!
B) Come here.D) Show me the way.

Jane: It’s “raining cats and dogs” outside. Please stay here.

Sarah: Don’t worry. I have with me an umbrella and a raincoat to protect me from the rain.

11. In the situation above, the expression “raining cats and dogs” means that A.) there is a troubleC.) neighbors are fighting
B.) it is raining heavyD.) a miracle is happening

Answer questions 12 and 13 based on the following weather report:

12. All of the following are mentioned in the weather report EXCEPT
A.) humidity
B.) temperature range
C.) condition of Manila Bay
D.) sea level during low and high tide

13. Which of the following can NOT be concluded from the weather report?
A.) Manila Bay is safe for fishing.
B.) It is a perfect time to go to a beach resort.
C.) The weather condition in Metro Manila is deal for any outdoor activity.
D.) A storm is approaching the eastern section of Visayas and Mindanao.

Answer questions 14 and 15 based on the following paragraph:

The Wonders of Music

Line 1Music is a quality of expression characterized by tonal...
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