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The topic for today in class was anti-discrimination
We cover the topic of an effective counselor and qualities of an effective counselor. Counselors are able to express themselves well. They are astute at sensing what other people are thinking and feeling. In relating to their clients, they show warmth and acceptance, empathy, and a focus on others, not themselves. When you are talking to a counselor about what you're experiencing, counselors must be interested in learning about how the clients feel? Counselors must be able to communicate to clients in language that they understand. Ability to help you feel you can trust the Counselor: According to a report, people determine whether or not they can trust someone within 50 milliseconds of meeting them. Clients of effective counselor believe that their counselor will be helpful because the counselor communicates both verbally and non-verbally that he or she is someone the client can trust.

Counselor must be able to show willingness to establish an alliance with their clients; counselors must be in partnership with their clients. A good counselor must be able to show inspiration of hope and optimism about chances of improvement that is the feeling that something is going to work and to inspire client that they can get better A good counselor must show sensitivity toward clients cultural background, this means showing respect for your background and being aware of attitudes within your culture or community e.g. family relationship, religious practices etc. A good and effective counselor must be involve I continued training and education. And the question for me is; do I possess these qualities, if not what are the qualities that I possess, I do believe that I possess empathy, which means I do care about people, and I always try to understand people and understand where they are coming from. Respect, I respect peoples opinion and their decision,...
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