Aldi Case Study

Topics: Management, Lean manufacturing, Marketing Pages: 7 (2115 words) Published: August 18, 2012
Group 9 – Aldi case study|
Individual Supporting Contribution to Group Presentation | |
Marketing Management individual assignment for the ALDI case study based on the presentation of Group 9 of MBA semester 1, Feb 2012 intake.| |
Radu Stefan Mitescu - L0379LSLS0212|

Executive Report3
Key areas of personal research and sources of information3
Key theoretical positions summary4
Individual Key Conclusions5
Key Critical Observations and Commentary6
Key topics of personal learning7
Executive Summary of The Group activity7
Individual Action points included in the presentation8

Executive Report

Group 9 was assigned with the Aldi case study for the Marketing Management assessment. I was assigned with the role of Group Leader by the members and also trusted with the work for the PowerPoint presentation slides as I stated that I have the proper knowledge. The role of the leader was taken seriously and I starting setting the meeting conditions and proposed and delegated the individual research subjects related to our group case study. The individual research I undertook for the Aldi case study was the defining the Lean concept and detail research of the Continuous Improvement concept. As a group leader I took the decision that all the individual pieces of research to be presented inside the group for all to acknowledge the management concepts used into making the company run lean processes and getting customer satisfaction. Personally I designed the slides and the structure, which was later slightly modified by John Vincent’s proposal. Together we practiced and we have presented remarkably at the final presentation. Within the presentation I exposed a summary of the theoretical concepts of Lean Production, Continuous Improvement, Time Based Management, JIT production and Total Quality Management and was followed by Medet Coban who presented the Economies of Scale Concept while in the closing part John Vincent presented the benefits of Lean Thinking concluded with a Market research regarding Aldi’s competitive advantage.

Key areas of personal research and sources of information

As part of the Group 9 which had as case study the food retailing company ALDI, the following areas of research have been identified: * Lean thinking philosophy
* Lean production
* Continuous Improvement
* Just In Time Management
* Total Quality Management
* Economies of Scale.
The research of these concepts was distributed among the group members for a more in depth research and understanding. The key areas of research that I undertook for the group activity were 1. Defining and understanding the concepts of Lean Thinking Philosophy and Lean Production 2. Continuous Improvement.

Used as sources of information for the foundation of my research were the LSC Library where I am registered as a student and the internet research. Also the group used the information of the case study. The proportion of the Library research weighted aprox. 80% of the total personal research, while the case study information weighted 10% and the internet sources also about 10%. The book references will be found in the appendix at the end of this report.

Key theoretical positions summary

In the group presentation there were analyzed and presented the following theoretical issues: The Mission and the Objectives
The Mission is established by the top management of a company. It represents the long term achievements that are wanted to be reached and the basic principles to be followed to get as close as possible to the proposed mission. These principles must be followed by all employees as they represent the company’s values and in time the will develop into the company’s culture. The Objectives or targets are meant to set the results of the activity that the company needs to achieve in order to accomplish the mission set at the beginning. They can be...
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