Primary Secondary Groups

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Primary Secondary Groups
A primary group is typically a smaller group with very close and personal relationships. While a secondary group far less personal and usually has a function or goal that was in mind while the group was created. Primary groups build on human’s basic need of being social and accepted. This can come from family or even cliques at school. I chose family and military as my primary groups that I have and am a part of that I will analyze my role in these group situations. The secondary groups I chose are the group that was created the first day of this class and an online gaming community. The role I take on within my family can vary depending on each individual and situation. I would say that I have taken on each group task role, group building maintenance role and individual role at least once at some point. I try to stay in a role that is positive such as standard setter. While in a family many roles are filled but while in the military usually there are few roles being filled. The roles I filled within my time in the Army were still many but not as many as family. The usual roles being fulfilled for anyone is as a follower when in your first few years of military. Later one can become an orienter and coordinator. As a secondary group a gaming community is very informal. The people within the community though are there for one reason and that is to play games. My role usually within the gaming community coordinator and standard setter. In the group that was made within the class for the group project it was chosen that I am to be the leader so I will be taking on many group task roles especially within this small group. I will be filling coordinator, energizer and initiator-contributor just to name a few.
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