Topics: Philippines, Refinery, Southeast Asia Pages: 3 (780 words) Published: February 7, 2013
* PHILSUCOM- Philippine Sugar Commission
* UPSUMCO- United Planters Sugar Milling Co. In Negros Occidental * BUSCO- Bukidnon Sugar Central
* CASUCO- Cagayan Sugar Corporation
* NOCOSU- Northern Cotabato Sugar Industries Inc.
* 1979 construction of 3 sugar refineries:
-March 1980 Calinog-Lambunao sugar refinery in Iloilo
-Bukidnon and Batangas by PHILSUCOM
* 1969-1977. 18 new sugar central
-7 Marubeni Iida. -3 Richard and Stewart Ltd.(british). -2 Toyo Menka Kaisha. -1 Mitsubishi. -1 Gutehoffnungshuette Sterk Trade A6 Ducks and Co. -1 Soceite Five Lillecail. -1 Braunschwegische. -1 Pansales Trading Co. -1 Unknown Source

* Amstar Co. Biggest US sugar refinery holds 50% of of Phil. Sugar export in 1971 * CPC International Inc. 15% 1971
* National Sugar refining Co. 14% 1971
* Coconut before the entry UNICOM to the coconut business, the foreigners control of the coconut industry is almost total * Agricultural Inputs: fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, tractors, threshers. The foreign are likewise supreme * Corporate Farming in conjunction with its drive for increased production in rice through the use of HYVs, irrigation, fertilizers, insecticides, tractors, the government introduced Corporate Farming in 1974 General Order no.47 requires all corporation w/ at least 500 employees to engage in the production of rice allowing firms to acquire plantations for this end * Corn in accordance w/ World Bank desires, the government increased production of feedgrains. The government launched the Masaganang Maisan in 1974 * 1974 major copra export

* Coffee became an export item with the incentives provided for by the martial law regime * Non-roasted coffee no. 15 export in 1983.
* Palm oil new industry in the Philippines, the martial law regime developed it * Cattle and meat processing expansion by the martial law regime under the World Bank * King Ranch (Foreign) biggest cattle ranch 1975 in Palawan...
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