Business and Rice

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  • Published : September 16, 2011
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1. What is the problem facing Scott Deeter and Ventria?
Answer: Deeter came to Ventria in April 2002. He was appointed as Ventria’s CEO because of his good reputation as a businessman. As CEO he helped Dr. Raymond Rodriguez sort through several projects that Ventria was working on at the time. His concept of the business was to focus on one or two projects to make Ventria a profitable business. 2. What groups have a stake in Ventria's action? Indentify the relevant stakeholders and for each, state its interests and sources of power. Answer: Rice farmers, are more than 2000 businesses owned by families and have been in the business since 1997. Rice is theirs lives and place an important role in California’s Economy. The rice they produce is exported to several countries which include Japan, Taiwan, Korea, and Turkey. Rice mills owned by companies provide capital for the rice operation. Rice mills such as ADM, Far West Rice, Pacific International, and Sun West have invested in rice through the years and are big organizations that depend on its quality. These companies have created jobs and are committed to distributing the rice produced by the California Rice Farmers to the US and the world. Both have invested time and money. California has highly refined technology which can compete with the international market, however only the 12% of rice production was exported in 2003.

3 The rice demand from customers requires providing the industry with the ability to establish the terms and conditions for the production and handling of rice in order to minimize the potential for the commingling of various types of rice, and in order to prevent commingling where reconditioning is infeasible or impossible.

4 They agreed to several provisions to address the rice industry’s concerns.

5 The company can grow rice outside from any rice grown for food, and use dedicated equipment for field production, storage, and transportation and to use only processing equipment that...
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