Advantages of Facebook - Essay 2

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Advantages of Facebook

1. Connecting With Friends

No matter which countries or cities you live in, the usage of Facebook had allowed us to easily connect with our friends and family for either “just saying hello to one another” or “asking your friend how he or she is doing?” It also helps us to reconnect with our long lost friends from high school or college. With the advancement of technology, Facebook has become much more user-friendly and interesting which allow users to upload and view one another photos and videos. Thus, we can view all the pictures or videos that our friend has taken in a party or a wedding, allowing us to know what is going on time to time. Facebook is a social networking site where we can post comment to another person’s wall regarding certain topics like “going out for movies” or “places to hang out tonight.” Apart from that, Facebook also has its own chat box whereby one can easily chat with his or her friend. The chat box is a fun way to chat because we can send cute emotions while chatting.

2. Business Advertising

Advancement of technology has also make Facebook to be one of the largest leading social sites used for advertising. With the numbers of millions of people each day login into their Facebook account, Facebook is the right investment place whereby large or even small business companies are willing to advertise their products or services. By using Facebook as a business tool, companies can reach out to a larger scale of audience. Businesses can also start their own business page or also known as group page on Facebook. By doing this, people who are loyal to a specific business of the product or service can actually join and select the like button on the business page. This also help customers to keep in touch with the latest product or service make available by the businesses and eventually this process can develop good relationships between businesses and customer. Advertising on Facebook is also much...
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