5 Days Training Plan

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  • Published : January 26, 2013
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As a new hired manager you’ll make sure to be efficient in managing the kitchen and will advise our team to handle tasks competently and always ensure that the dishes are tasty and presentable.

Day One: You will define the problems and set objectives.

Worksheet for planing menu items
Factors to consider: Questions: Must Do Objectives and limitations Market, Customer Type of Food? Define Market. Final choices must Appeal Price? Taste? Survey Guests, meet guests taste in Quality? Competition, all categories Appearance? Preparation Prep time? Test recipes for Item must be feasible Skills required? Taste, yield, with present staff Holding problems? Proportions. and space. Prep space? Standardise

Ingredients recipes. Check suppliers Storage & availability
Extra personnel?
Training time?
Equipments Need new? Cost? Avoid conflicting No new, at least Space for? Use. For now. Delivery time?
Utility lines?
Train for use?
Special dishes,
Service More work? Train for serving No major changes New ways to serve?Train for in service. New plating? Describing taste Garnishing? How cooked, ingredients, goes with. Training time?

Cost, price Cost/price ratio? Costing. Pricing. Cost must meet Costing? Budgeting. Cost/price...
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