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* Stephen Zhang, a project manager for Noble Consulting, of Beijing, China, is in the last month of a major three-month project with tight time lines and important economic implications for Noble. * Late one Friday afternoon, Zhang receives a phone call from Shen Rui, a former colleague who had left Noble suddenly about six months earlier after a disagreement with Noble’s founding partner. * Shen Rui offers Zhang a job with a substantial increase in his salary and position, but only if he moves within three days. * If Stephen leaves Noble Consulting, it would benefit him personally, but it would cost the company significant losses both now and in the future.

Identify the Stakeholders
Frank Chan.
* Frank is a founding partner of Noble Consulting.
* He sees the company as a family with himself as the father. * He is not able and/or willing to welcome others into the inner circle of decision making at Noble although he is not so reticent in suggesting that he is.

Shen Rui.
* Shen has extensive experience and wide connections both in Italy and China. * He was recruited by Frank Chan after Noble’s first project in China where he and Shen interacted intensely and was promised a partnership within three years. * Shen became chief representative and division manager in Noble’s Shanghai office. * After a successful project that both he and Zhang worked on, Shen had a confrontation with Frank over what everyone believed to be the issue of Shen becoming a partner at Noble. At the conclusion of this confrontation Shen quit Noble.

Stephen Zhang.
* Noble is Stephen’s first job, and thus its corporate culture is his only point of reference when he evaluates the culture of other companies. * Stephen was hired by, and respects, his project leader Chen Tong although he is having second thoughts about Chen’s advice to be patient concerning possibilities for promotion with the firm. His own promotion seems remote. * He likes the corporate culture of Noble and found Shen Rui’s behaviour when leaving Noble somewhat offensive. He is not sure that he can trust Shen although he does like his achievement oriented approach to business. * Stephen is not happy in his position. He wants more interesting and responsible work and he wants more money for the work he does.

Other employees of Noble’s Salema team.
* Noble’s Salema team consists of Chen Tong as project leader and three other project managers. Everyone but Stephen have finished their work. * Chen and all three project managers have been with Noble longer than Stephen.

Salema and its team.
* There are two people on this team and their careers would be advanced if Salema decides to move into the China market.

Petri and Petri’s client are also stakeholders.

Describe Stakeholders’ Frames of Reference
Frank Chan.
* Noble is a consulting firm that originated as a family business and was an early mover into an interesting niche in the Chinese market: attempting to bridge the gap between Europe and China. * Because of the peculiar business environment during China’s emergence from its lengthy isolation, Noble had some easy wins as the first mover. * However, Frank failed to realize that as the market matured and more competitors entered, consulting, instead of simply opening doors, became increasingly important to sustain the business success. * Consultant satisfaction and career development became more important for the company. * Frank Chan still relies on Noble’s traditional corporate culture to create staff loyalty. Because of the firm’s strong family business background, the founding partners are very reluctant to let outsiders share in profits.

Shen Rui.
* Shen Rui creates a lot of value for the company by developing their own resources while contributing to Noble. * Frank Chan apparently failed to realize, or under-estimated, his value and bargaining...
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