Let1 317.1

Topics: Leadership, Management, Fiedler contingency model Pages: 2 (557 words) Published: February 18, 2013
LET1 317.1

Behavior and Leadership
There are many forms of leadership style used among top companies today. Within the given scenario we are given three different leadership styles among three different leaders. Within this scenario we will look at transactional, transformational, and level 5 leadership. We will identify what type of leader each person is, and also how the style of each new leader might affect the performance of the company.

Executive A is a “level 5” leader. A level 5 leader is someone that is focused on the good of the company. They will be very ambitious to make the company a success; however they will not take credit for the success. A level 5 leader points towards the other leaders within the company when they are successful, just as Executive A does. However when the company fails or makes mistakes, he takes full responsibility. These are all traits of a “level 5” leader. Leader B would be classified as a transactional leader. Leader B feels that effort and accomplishments should be given a reward. Leader B also would be considered a passive manager. Leader B hands out tasks and the full responsibility of that task falls on the person it is given too. Leader B has clear goals established and rules and a chain of command for obtaining these goals. Leader C is a transformational leader. Leader C encourages employees to problem solve issues. Leader C also provides vision and clear goals. Leader C encourages employees to put self-interests aside and do what is better for the company. Leader C is also personal with employees, remembering things like birthdays. This helps motivate the employees by making them feel important no matter what their position is within the company. If Leader B were appointed as CEO of the company when Executive A retires, I believe that the company will still be successful, but not as successful as it was before Executive A retires. Executive A has the leadership qualities that make people...
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