1. How, Specifically Is the Process of Attribution Illustrated in This Case?

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  • Published : March 31, 2013
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Case Module 5

1. How, specifically is the process of attribution illustrated in this case? Ans. The process of attribution regarding the case referred, flags relatively regarding the behavior of the customer’s eye contact wrong implication. The case study stated that a in certain supermarket dozen females claimed the issue of drawing the unwanted attention for maintaining eye contact. There was no clear information as how many female employees were employed there. This may raise several questions of the internal causes and external causes of behavior. The nature of the twelve women was unknown regarding other issues outside their work place. The case study does not apparently satisfy the “consistency” of the attribution. This implies the behavior of the female employees and the customers they face behave in the same manner in other situations for knowing the distinctiveness of their claims. If the case study had satisfied the arguments then this would have helped in better understanding of the concept of attribution.

2. What do you suppose is being done to help train people to be friendlier toward customers? In other words, what would you imagine goes on in Safeway’s ”smile school”? Ans. There is an underlying concept of positive reinforcement that satisfies the organizations in treating people for the desired returns in the form of sales or goodwill. In the Safeway supermarket they send their employees for the friendliness school called “Smile school”. They make their employees to follow certain trivial manners that greatly affect the positivity in people like smiling face towards customers, maintaining eye contact for three seconds, calling the people by their name when they pay by check or credit card. Respective to the case study the smile school seems enforcing its policies irrespective of the employees’ consignment.

3. Describe what you believe might be the progressive discipline steps outlined in the warning letter sent to unfriendly...
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