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  • U-Boats in World War I

    has greatly increased strength and eased the ranking among world powers and effected the development of new military weapons.  The First World War introduced a whole host of new technology to the armies of the world. The machine gun‚ the tank‚ and the airplane ruled the battlefields of France and Germany. These new inventions changed the face of warfare forever. As equal‚ the German submarine changed naval warfare. As the First World War erupted‚ Germany needed to cut the Allied supply of resources

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  • The Three Causes Of World War I

    Joshua Sitzer Period 5 World War I During World War I many things occurred that would cause the war. The war was inevitable and many things happened by chance. The three causes of World War I are militarism‚ the assassanation of the Archduke and the alliances. One of causes for World War I was militarism‚ this played a big role in the war because many citizens wanted to test their military against other countries which caused war. All the countries were in a race to become the most powerful

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  • What Is The Short-Term Cause Of World War I?

    World War 1‚ also known as the “ Great War ”‚ was one of the deadliest wars in world history with over 38 million deaths and was also important because it was the first global war. It started on June 28th 1914 and ended in November 11th 1918. The Great War mainly took place in Europe in the Western Front (England‚Belgium‚ France‚ and west Germany)‚ the Eastern Front (Russia‚ Austria-Hungary and the east of Germany) and finally the Italian Front (Italy and Austria).The first world war was between

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  • World War I and Complete Sentences

    font. 1. When did World War I begin? When did the United States enter World War I? -World War I was initiated in 1914 by the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand. It ended in 1919 with the Treaty of Versailles. The United States became a part of World War I in 1917. 2. How many Europeans died during World War I? How many Americans? - There were about 10‚879‚000 Europeans who died during World War I. About 120‚144 Americans died in action of the war‚ of wounds‚ of diseases

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  • World War I and Sirs Decades

    Period 3 10/3/12 War without a Cause It used to be an honor to go off to war and die fighting for your country. In today’s war‚ the honor is all gone. It used to be an entire country’s effort; everyone became involved. Today‚ people are less focused on it. During World War I‚ the Germans were sinking American vessels ( at the time America was neutral). This enrages the American people and the result is they all pledged their support when war was declared. At the time of World War II‚ Americans were

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  • World War I: An Inevitable Outcome

    World War I: An Inevitable Outcome World War I: An Inevitable Outcome World War I can best be depicted as a perfect storm‚ beginning with a single act of terrorism. This act would bring about the deluge to come‚ presenting as the catalyst to a particularly explosive state of affairs amongst the nations of the world. Persian statesman Otto von Bismarck “was quoted as saying at the end of his life that "One day the great European War will come out of some damned

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  • Is Germany's Responsible For World War I?

    World War I has been a controversial topic in the sense that who should take responsibility for not only causing it but how it brutally affected the world. Professor V. R. Berghahn makes the argument that evidence indicates Germany’s role in World War I was the main factor responsible for the conflict. To prove his argument he focuses on the framework of Germany’s economy‚ society‚ culture‚ and politics from 1871 to 1914. While Samuel R. Williamson argues that the factors and conditions that led

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  • World War I: Role of Airplanes

    Peter I. America at War: World War I. New York: Facts on File‚ Inc.‚ 1991. Dowsell‚ Paul. Weapons and Technology of World War I. Illinois: Heinemann Library‚ 2002. Lopez‚ Donald S. in Association with the National Air and Space Museum‚ Washington‚ D.C. Smithsonian Guides: Aviation. New York: Macmillan‚ 1995. Spangenburg‚ Ray and Diane K. Moser. The Story of Air Transport in America. New York: Facts on File‚ Inc.‚ 1992. About.com 20th Century History. “World War I”‚ by Jennifer

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  • World War I: Trench Warfare

    World War I commenced in 1914 with violence and tensions throughout many European countries and ended in 1918 with high numbers of casualties. With the war and alliances‚ came the need for new technology and innovation for warfare. Since human progress is the ability to use innovation to benefit and protect oneself‚ it went to a minimal extent in World War I in indicating human progress. The utility of the trench warfare and the poison gas between countries did not benefit them in terms of victory

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  • World War I and the Home Front

    15: World War I and the Home Front World War I‚ also known as the Great War‚ was a global war centered around Europe. The first four years of “total war” that constituted World War I (1914-1918) changed the lives of not only the men who fought as soldiers‚ but the people who remained at home. Some effects of the Great War on the European home fronts during the first course of the war were nationalistic feelings‚ working women‚ dwindling food supplies‚ and the rise of socialism. When the war first

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