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  • Compare Linux and Windows 2000

    FreeBSD vs. Linux vs. Windows 2000 FreeBSD Linux Windows 2000 Reliability FreeBSD is extremely robust. There are numerous testimonials of active servers with uptimes measured in years. The new Soft Updates1 file system optimizes disk I/O for high performance‚ yet still ensures reliability for transaction based applications‚ such as databases. Linux is well known for its reliability. Servers often stay up for years. However‚ disk I/O is non-synchronous by default‚ which is less reliable for

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  • Windows Workgroup vs. Windows 2003 Security Models

    Part of managing a Windows Server 2003 network environment requires an administrator to be familiar with both of the different security models that can be implemented along with the roles that a server can hold. The two different security models used in Windows network environments are the workgroup model and the domain model. Please discuss in 500-600 words both options and explain why you would choose one over the other for your implementation. When configuring windows networking‚ two major

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  • Features and Benefits of Windows 2000 Advanced Server

    Features and Benefits of Windows 2000 Advanced Server According to Active Win (n.d.) website Windows 2000 Advanced Server has all the features of Windows 2000 Server plus features that require higher levels of scalability‚ reliability‚ and availability. Windows 2000 Server offers features like Network Load Balancing‚ 8GB Memory Support‚ Virtual Private Networking (VPN) and Remote Management with Terminal Services. Windows 2000 Advanced Server has added features with Network Load Balancing that

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  • In the Year 2000

    In the Year 2000 Every decade has something it is remembered by. For the sixties it was the groovy tunes. The seventies were remembered by experimentations in new more potent thrills‚ and the eighties were remembered by the terrible fashion taste. But what is to be remembered of the years of 2000. There is a war going on and the country is ruled by a complete utter moron in lamence terms. The music has gone downhill where it’s not cool unless its rap or some pop idol. There are controversies

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  • Windows Admin

    Windows admin interview questions (includes Vista) By admin | November 29‚ 2007 1. What is Active Directory? 2. What is LDAP? 3. Can you connect Active Directory to other 3rd-party Directory Services? Name a few options. 4. Where is the AD database held? What other folders are related to AD? 5. What is the SYSVOL folder? 6. Name the AD NCs and replication issues for each NC 7. What are application partitions? When do I use them 8. How do you create a new application partition 9. How do

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  • Linux Windows Operating Systems

    CCM4320 Network Systems and Services Comparison between the Network Operating systems Like Linux‚ Windows 2000 and Distributed operating system Amoeba. Group Members : Yedukondalu Madhumanchi (M00295179) Saroop kumar reddy Chidirala(M00333357) Date of Submission : 25-Feb-2011 Campus : Hendon School of Computing Science Dr G E Mapp Middlesex University List of Contents

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  • The Open Window

    through a French window‚ which was left open until their return. However‚ all three of them were lost in a bog that day‚ Vera asserts‚ and their bodies were never recovered. The aunt‚ driven to distraction by her grief and loss‚ left the window open thereafter‚ anticipating that “they will come back some day” with “the little brown spaniel that was lost with them‚ and walk in that window just as they used to do.” When Mrs. Sappleton finally appears‚ she explains why the window is open‚ apparently

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  • Windows Xp

    Windows XP In 2001‚ Microsoft introduced Windows XP (codenamed "Whistler"). The merging of the Windows NT/2000 and Windows 95/98/Me lines was achieved with Windows XP. Windows XP uses the Windows NT 5.1 kernel‚ marking the entrance of the Windows NT core to the consumer market‚ to replace the aging 16/32-bit branch. Windows XP is the longest version of Windows ever released between upgrades‚ from 2001 all the way to 2007 when Windows Vista was released to consumers. The Windows XP line of operating

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  • Windows Xp

    Windows XP Professional integrates the strengths of Windows 2000 Professional‚ such as standards-based security‚ manageability‚ and reliability‚ with the best business features of Windows 98 and Windows Millennium Edition‚ such as Plug and Play‚ simplified user interface‚ and innovative support services. This combination creates the best desktop operating system for business. Whether the business deploys Windows XP Professional on a single computer or throughout a worldwide network‚ Windows

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  • Windows 7

    objective when performing a large-scale Windows 7 deployment? A) Creating standardized computing software environments B) Minimizing the amount of user interaction required at workstations C) Standardizing the computing hardware environments D) Minimizing the interruption of user productivity 2. What do you call a template for a workstation configuration that contains all the software the workstation requires? A) Image system B) Reference computer C) Windows PE D) Tablet PC 3. What is the graphical

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