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Men of Honor

the role of an African-American man named Carl Brashear, who left his family and his home in order to join the Navy. His goal was to become a Navy Master Diver. Unfortunately at the time that this movie took place, colored people were still considered lower class citizens and therefore Carl had incredible difficulties achieving his dream. Bill Sunday, Robert Dinero, was one of the best Navy Master Divers. After an unfortunate incident while diving, Sunday was told that he would no longer be able to...

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Battle of Mobile Bay

On August 5th, 1864, Rear Admiral David Farragut led the Union navy into Mobile Bay, Alabama, to face a smaller Confederate fleet under the command of Admiral Franklin Buchanan and neutralize three forts surrounding Mobile Bay to complete the Union blockade of the Gulf of Mexico. The battle would prove pivotal in the Union victory, as well as President Abraham Lincoln's re-election three months later. The Union fleet, under Farragut, used sheer power and numbers to decimate the Confederates. The...

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Lord Of the Flies Sequel

story begins with a group of kids, left on an island in the middle of the Atlantic, with no adults, no guidance, just them and the island. A couple months go by and they have lost all senses of humanity. Friendships are broken, they were truly lost. A navy Commander sees that this island is on fire and goes to see if he can help. What he sees is nothing like what he has seen before. The boys get on a life boat with the commander. They are dirty, smelly, and just look horrible. The commander says, “What...

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Captain Phillips

lucky enough that the Somalians ditched the idea and turned around. New York Times states: “The story is based on shivery, true events that unfolded in early April 2009, when four armed Somalis seized the Maersk Alabama, an American container ship under the command of Richard Phillips. The ship, with an unarmed crew of just 20 sailors, was hauling tons of cargo in hundreds of containers, including food from the United Nations World Food Program designated for African countries. To the Somalis, the...

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Field Proposal

 MGMT 325 Field Study Proposal The proposal for my final project is to do a field study on a Navy Federal Credit Union branch located in the Hampton Roads area at 7979 Hampton Boulevard, Norfolk, Virginia 23511. Navy Federal Credit Union is a company in the financial services industry and its headquarters is based in Vienna, VA. This particular branch is a service providing business that employs 23 employees, two of which are managers and two are supervisors...

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ethical essay

 Ethical Style Essay Ethical Style Essay My personal ethics are shaped by my training and responsibility as a sailor serving in the US Navy coupled with my duties and responsibilities as a Christian. At different times my ethical approach changes but can be mostly characterized as a bridge between a utilitarian, loyalist, Judeo-Christian, and intuitive ethical styles. The utilitarian and loyalist style aligns with my leadership role in the military supporting...

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United States Navy Seals and Beowulf

Beowulf vs. A Navy Seal There are several characteristics that make up a hero. A hero can be strong, brave, determined, or a great leader. Beowulf and a Navy Seal possess these characteristics. Both are brave leaders who put themselves in harm’s way to protect the people that they represent. Both are warriors who are strong willed and determined to fight an enemy that threaten the security of others. Although they are much the same, there are several differences that makes the Navy Seal the...

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Indian Navy

Indian Navy From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Indian Navy Bharatiya Nau Sena Indian Navy crest Active Country Branch Size 1947–Present India Navy 58,350 active personnel 190 aircraft List of active ships Part of Ministry of Defence Indian Armed Forces Headquarters Motto New Delhi शं नो वरुणः Transliteration: Sham NoVarunah (May the Lord of the Oceans be auspicious unto us) Anniversaries Engagements Navy Day: 4 December Portuguese-Indian War Indo-Pakistani War of...

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Why And How Did The Young United States Make Powerful Warships Like The USConstitution?

Why and how did the young United States make powerful warships like the U.S.S Constitution? The young United States needed a navy to protect its merchant ships at sea from pirates. With some of the greatest shipbuilders in the world the United States created six powerful warships. This report will go through what led to the U.S.S Constitution being built, the design and construction of the ship, explain the battles fought by the U.S.S Constitution, and what is it used for today. The U.S.S Constitution...

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Navy Rotc Pros And Cons

elite programs in the United States. However, when an average American citizen depicts the United States greatest military moments, they picture the iconic moment of United States marines holding up the American flag at Iwo Jima. The USMC is the ideal fighting force that has been prominent around the globe. Surprisingly, they also share the Naval ROTC program with the United States Navy. Why is it that the US Navy lacks the same picture and title as the USMC? The United States Navy is putting out a great...

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