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Static And Kinetic Friction

 Static and Kinetic Friction Introduction The amount of friction force between two surfaces in contact depends on the type of the surfaces in contact and the amount of compression between the surfaces. Static friction is the force that is acting against your force before the object begins to move. If you exert a small push on the box, the box will not move because static friction is directly opposite to the push. If you apply a greater force than the static friction force, the friction increases...

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Kinetic Friction

Experiment 4: Friction Laboratory Report Anna Rucelli Ignacio Michael Giorgio Lapus Ted William Lardizabal Janell Leica Lee Department of Occupational Therapy College of Reabilitation Sciences, University of Santo Tomas España, Manila Philippines Abstract The experiment verifies the laws of friction with the use of a spring scale, a block of wood, its different surfaces and the different surfaces of other objects. Another part of the experiment uses the palms of the hands to produce...

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Static Friction

Static Friction INTRODUCTION When an object is placed on a surface it will remain static unless the resolved component of the force due to gravity acting parallel to the surface exceeds the friction force associated with the static coefficient of friction between surfaces by placing various objects on a surface and tilting the surface until the object begins to slip. By measuring the angle at which the object begins to slip, it is then possible to calculate the coefficient of friction between...

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Mechanics: Kinetic Friction

the normal force that (a) the floor exerts on the crate and (b) the crate exerts on the person. [(a) 1.13 x 103 N, (b) 735 N] 3. A worker stands still on a roof sloped at an angle of 45° above the horizontal. He is prevented from slipping by a static frictional force of 450 N. Find the mass of the worker. [85 kg] 4. A 4.0-kg bucket of water is raised from a well by a rope. If the upward acceleration of the bucket is 5.0 m/s2, find the force exerted by the rope on the bucket. [59 N] 5. A...

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 Friction Definition: Friction is the force resisting the relative lateral (tangential) motion of solid surfaces, fluid layers, or material elements in contact. Force of friction:- Friction is a force that is created whenever two surfaces move or try to move across each other. • Friction always opposes the motion or attempted motion of one surface across another surface. • Friction is dependant on the texture of both surfaces. • Friction is also dependant on the amount of contact force...

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Coefficient Of Kinetic Friction Lab

Coefficient of Kinetic Friction Objective: After completing this experiment, you should be able to measure the coefficient of sliding friction of an object that is located on an inclined plane. Apparatus: Inclined Plane Pulley attachment for plane Wooden blcok, with hook attached Meterstick Felt Set of masses String Protractor Procedure: 1. Place the board in the position shown in Figure 7-1. 2. The angle of the board should be small enough so that the wooden block will not slide...

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LabPaq Friction

Friction Peter Jeschofnig, Ph.D. Version 42-0262-00-01 Lab Report Assistant This document is not meant to be a substitute for a formal laboratory report. The Lab Report Assistant is simply a summary of the experiment’s questions, diagrams if needed, and data tables that should be addressed in a formal lab report. The intent is to facilitate students’ writing of lab reports by providing this...

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Forces Friction

have chosen to talk to you about friction. Friction is the force between two objects in contact with each other, making it a contact force. It causes moving objects to slow down. Air resistance is a type of friction. Friction is an important force in our lives. We rely on friction in many ways. An athlete usually wears shoes which provide him/her with a greater friction between the shoe and the surface. We rely on friction as an important aspect of motion. Friction can be a very useful force because...

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An Experiment to Determine the Coefficient of Static Friction

Group members: Yuan Li Hong, Desmond Wong Practical Lecturer: Mr Zoheir Practical Group: 6 Part 1 Title: To determine the coefficient of static friction between two surfaces. Objectives: 1. To determine the relationship between the mass of load and the length of spring. 2. To determine the coefficient of static friction between two surface. Apparatus and materials: 1. Retort stand 2. Spring 3. Slotted masses 200g with hanger 4. Meter rule Setup: [pic] ...

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Investigation of Different Static and Frictional Coefficient Forces

De Vos Malan High School, Kingwilliamstown, Eastern Cape Learner: Lwandolwethu Ntlube Grade 11 Educator: Mrs Weweje Learning Area: PHYSICAL SCIENCE SCIENTIFIC REPORT Title: INVESTIGATION OF DIFFERENT STATIC AND FRICTIONAL COEFFICIENT FORCES Part One Hypothesis 1. Wood- 25 degrees 2. Plastic- 10 degrees 3. Aluminium- 19 degrees 4. Glass- 23 degrees 5. Fine Sandpaper- 41 degrees 6. Coarse Sandpaper- 30 degrees Results |Column...

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