Static Friction

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Static Friction

When an object is placed on a surface it will remain static unless the resolved component of the force due to gravity acting parallel to the surface exceeds the friction force associated with the static coefficient of friction between surfaces by placing various objects on a surface and tilting the surface until the object begins to slip. By measuring the angle at which the object begins to slip, it is then possible to calculate the coefficient of friction between the surfaces ans objects considered.

If a body rests on an incline plane the body is prevented from sliding down because of the frictional resistance. If the angle of the plane is increased there will be an angle at which the body begins to slide down the plane. This is the angle of repose and the tangent of this angle is the same as the coefficient of friction. [pic]

Coefficient of friction is a dimensionless scalar value which describes the ratio of the force of friction between two bodies and the force pressing them together. The coefficient of friction depends on the material used.


Appartus required :-
The objects required are a long rectangular wooden plank, wooden tile, plastic tile, aluminium tile and measuring tape.

• The wooden tile was kept at the edge of the wooden plank. • The plank was lifted from that end to the height which will allow the tile to slide down the plank. [pic]
Figure 1: angle ([pic]) used to find the coefficient of friction • The height (h) and distance (D) was measured using a measuring tape. • The experiment was repeated to record three readings for the wooden, aluminium and plastic tiles.


Material 1:- Plastic
Table 1: coefficient of friction for the plastic tileon the wooden plank. |Serial number |Height – h (meters) |Distance – D (meters) |Coefficient of friction...

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