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  • Special Needs Assistant

    hygiene / care needs. Before I accompanied the two Special Needs Assistants with this task‚ they firstly asked the student permission for me to help them. She had no problem with this. The most important thing I was told to remember is the health and safety of the student. After watching and learning from the Special Needs Assistants they gave me a procedure sheet which I had to follow. My goal was to be able to change the student’s catheter tube. As this procedure is for care needs‚ the procedure

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  • special needs observation

    Observation of Special Needs Classroom SPE/300 June 16‚ 2013 Leigh Anne Guminger Observation of Special Needs Classroom On June 26th and 27th‚ I observed in a special education classroom in Lathrop Elementary School. The head teacher was Janelle McQuerry. Mrs. McQuerry has 9 years of teaching experience. All of her nine years have been spent in special education programs. This was a summer program‚ so it was not the same as the program during the regular year. During the two days of my observation

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  • Children with Special Needs

    For my choice project I chose to interview a parent who has a child with special needs. The parent I chose to interview is a person I work with. She is a mother of two children‚ a son and a daughter which her son has been diagnosed with autism. Her son is ten years old and has been living with autism since he was diagnosed at the age of three. I have known this mother for about three years now and have helped her in many of the autism fundraisers that she puts on to raise money for her autism support

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  • Special Educational Needs

    this essay will discuss the term Special Educational Needs‚ understanding of segregation‚ integration and inclusion‚ the importance of Warnock Report‚ development in policy since 1981‚and the Medical and Social modules. The term Special Educational Needs in child development has a meaning of children who needs extra support. Early in 1700s in Britain term Special Educational Needs did not exist and it did not need to exist as children with Special Educational Needs were looked from their families

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  • Special Educational Needs

    Special education needs. The last fifty years have seen significant changes in the education of students with special learning needs.  An estimated 1.7 million pupils in the UK have special educational needs (SEN)‚ with over 250‚000 having statements of SEN (Russell 2003‚ 215).  Many positive advances have been made in educating these children‚ with special needs children receiving more options and learning opportunities.  How these opportunities are presented has been an ongoing source of debate

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  • Intergrating Special needs students into the classroom

    which require extra educational‚ psychological or medical assistance beyond traditionally offered education. In past years‚ special needs students have been over looked or their needs neglected‚ so they have had to move to schools that cater specifically to their needs. Many parents and school administrators thought that these kids needed to be cared for in a special location‚ outside neighborhood schooling. Studies have shown and from personal experience‚ students with disabilities who are

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  • Special Educational Needs

    This Essay aims to discuss the range of special educational needs in mainstream primary schools‚ analysing appropriate teaching and learning strategies to support learning. Special Educational Needs (SEN) is defined as children with learning difficulties that call for special educational provision to be made for them. Children have a learning difficulty if they have a significantly greater difficulty in learning than the majority of children the same age and/or have a disability that prevents or

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  • Special Needs Teaching

    Ashley Clark Observation Reflection I completed my observations at Concord Junior High in Mr. Eric Free’s classroom. Mr. Free teaches 7th grade English and Language Arts. While in his classroom observing‚ I observed 5 different periods paying particular attention to the 1st hour class. Mr. Free’s room was decorated and colorful. Above the chalkboard‚ he had various autographed photos that the students all found interesting in the first few weeks of class. There were newspaper clippings of

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  • special needs in ireland

    the history of special needs in Ireland in Ireland and what special needs means. Also I hope that by carrying out this activity that I will become more aware of the needs of children and adults that have special needs. I also hope by reasearching the disability that I will become more aware of children needs with this disability in the future. Special needs refers to a range of needs often caused by a medical‚ physical‚ mental or developmental condition or disability. Special needs can also include

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  • Special Education Needs

    SPECIAL EDUCATION NEEDS PORTFOLIO Moving towards inclusive education INTELLECTUALLY GIFTED AND CHALLED STUDENTS IQ An Intelligence Quotient‚ usually referred to as IQ‚ is a numerical score arrived at through testing. A student can have a Low‚ Average or High IQ. Intelligence is an inherited trait which‚ if low may make learning difficult unless facilitated by a highly skilled teacher. Additionally‚ a pupil who has inherited a high intelligence can be badly affected by bad teaching methods and

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