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Marine Engineering

refers to the engineering of boats, ships, oil rigs and any other marine vessel or structure. Specifically, marine engineering is the discipline of applying engineering sciences, mostly mechanical and electrical engineering, to the development, design, operation and maintenance of watercraft propulsion and on-board systems; e.g. power and propulsion plants, machinery, piping, automation and control systems etc. for marine vehicles of any kind like surface ships, submarines etc. * The engineering...

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Accounting for decision making

Question 2 (22 marks) A ship builder sells ships with each ship selling for RM25 million. The company never starts building a ship until it receives a specific order from a customer. It takes four years to build a ship. Before the ship is constructed, the customer is required to pay a deposit of 30%. Once construction is completed and during the first three years of using the ship the company agrees to repair anything on the ship free of charge. The customer pays for the ship over a period of 10 years...

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BlackBeard Myths

worthless today had he buried them. Legend: Blackbeard’s dead body swam around the ship three times: Fact: Unlikely. This is another persistent Blackbeard legend. What is known for certain is that Blackbeard died in battle on November 22, 1718 and his head was cut off so that it could be used to get a bounty. Lieutenant Robert Maynard, the man who hunted Blackbeard down, does not report that the body swam around the ship three times after it was thrown in the water, and neither did anyone else who...

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In Harm's Way

information that were out of McVay’s control are responsible for the sinking of the USS Indianapolis. Captain McVay was an experienced captain and knew what needed to be done to run the ship and the procedures to travel safely during a period where Japanese subs were everywhere waiting to take down American ships. When the USS Indianapolis left San Francisco, McVay had a crew that was not experienced. Therefore, he requested to have his crew be trained and was promised that training would take place...

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blackbeard the pirate

Jamaica, to strike on French ships. Soon after the war had ended, Edward had become dissatisfied with the peace that came along with it. This eventually led him to sign on as a crewmember of the pirate Captain Benjamin Hornigold (1714). This was where Edward Teach’s career as a pirate had begun. Edward quickly distinguished himself by his strength, courage, and devilish attitude from all the other crewmembers on board. In 1716 following the capture of a French merchant ship called the Concorde, Hornigold...

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Assassin's Creed IV: Black Code: Book Analysis

It is the early 18th century. The seas are at an endless unrest as ships sail. The crack of thunder sounds from across the blue, yet there is no storm. A black flag is raised, cannonballs crash, and pirates take control of the helpless sailor ships. This is the scene that most think of when pirates are concerned. Of course video games also do their fair sure to help exaggerate this scenario further. In particular one recent game series has taken the mantle of telling the ancient history of maritime...

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Somali Pirates

supply intelligence to the small tactical teams as to where potential ships are located on the ocean (Zijlma). The fact that the pirates have small and fast speed boats makes it very easy for them to maneuver around larger shipping vessels. The pirate’s fire upon the ship with rocket propelled grenades before getting aboard the boat. Once aboard the pirates use a breach and secure tactic in order to gain control of the ship and its passengers. The pirates have maritime skills that enable them...

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Work Like A Captain

History of Piracy Across the World Circa. 69 -- 1730 C.E. Prepared by: Franz Q. Dunsworth Prepared for: Mr. Evans World Civilization 10/31/2014 Webster defines the word pirate, as someone who engages in robbery, particularly the robbery of ships at sea. However, pirates were also known for occasionally attacking coastal towns. Some pirates were referred to as corsairs or buccaneers, determined by their time period and area of operation. During the 15th through 18th centuries, pirates who...

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The Lucky Strike

Michael Forcino 7/13/12 Ship Breaker A Lucky Strike was one of those things that people envied. The characters in this book believe in the power of luck, and that you have to be lucky and smart to pull off a Lucky Strike. The people in this book believe in luck because of three main reasons. One is that the only way they can do their jobs every day is because of the chance they might get lucky. Another reason is that they are jealous of Lucky Strike and that they could get...

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The Horrors of a Slave Ship

“The Horrors of a Slave Ship,” describes in detail, the tragic experiences of Olaudah Equiano as a captive slave. Equiano suffered many sleepless nights; he was flogged and kidnapped multiple times. In the article, the author is trying to give the reader the feeling by giving details of the brutally floggings and desperation as many slaves suffocated to death as they were placed in an overcrowded deck. Overall, the author tries to give readers their point across of the difficulties in being a captive...

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