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The Longshore and Harbor Workers' Compensation Act

a seaman. Includes work building and repairing ships, loading and unloading ships, construction or repair of structures to enable waterborne commerce, and other work on or near navigable waters in support of waterborne commerce. Maritime – generally means “pertaining to the sea”. In connection with the USL&H Act, “maritime” work means work that meets the “situs” and “status” tests, including building and repairing ships, loading and unloading ships, construction or repair of structures that enable...

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Jdt2 Task 2

options and have identified three viable possibilities which would keep our reputation intact and provide the service our customers have come to expect. We can remake the whistle in question and repackage the entire collection; remove the whistle and ship the collection with a replacement of similar or higher value from our catalogue; keep the whistle included but add a separate replacement of similar or even higher value with instructions to discard the whistle and replace. Any solution should ensure...

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The Lucky Strike

Michael Forcino 7/13/12 Ship Breaker A Lucky Strike was one of those things that people envied. The characters in this book believe in the power of luck, and that you have to be lucky and smart to pull off a Lucky Strike. The people in this book believe in luck because of three main reasons. One is that the only way they can do their jobs every day is because of the chance they might get lucky. Another reason is that they are jealous of Lucky Strike and that they could get...

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Ocean Carrier

motivated customer. The leasing contract offers very attractive terms, but no ship in Ocean Carrier’s current fleet met the customer’s requirements. In addition, this proposed contract is only for three years. Therefore, after three years, the new capsize carrier will have to be leased to other customers. So considering in the long run, Linn had to decide whether Ocean Carriers should immediately commission a new ship which could be completed in two years. In the same time, she would have to consider...

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on sloops, which were small ships. One of the captains that Teach sailed under was Captain Benjamin Hornigold, who took him under his wing and gave him command of one of his smaller ships. Not long after, Teach captured a ship that he claimed his own and equipped with forty cannons. He also renamed the ship The Queen Anne’s Revenge in honor of the queen of England. Throughout a period of about three years Blackbeard and his crew captured, burned and pillaged many ships including, The Great Allen,...

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Marine Insurance

for the loss of cargo or damage to ships during the shipment. The risks that marine insurance covers are fire, seizures, wars, accidents or causalities which take place over the sea. The winds and waves are not included as risks in the marine insurance. The Indian Marine Insurance Act, 1963 is imbibed from the Marine Insurance Act, 1906. Though the Marine Insurance Act is deep in its insurance coverage, it does not provide for losses that occur while the ship is sailing the waters. This has led...

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Maersk Pest Analysis

the EU, the so-called "P3 Network" was meant to operate in a similar way to code-sharing deals between airlines. It would have allowed the world's top three container-shipping operators to share vessels and port facilities, with plans for about 250 ships to participate. But China's Ministry of Commerce has rejected the tie up. One of the shipping companies behind the plan is Maersk Line from Denmark. Its Asia Pacific CEO Thomas Knudsen told the BBC's Rico Hizon that the company was "disappointed"...

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In Harm's Way

information that were out of McVay’s control are responsible for the sinking of the USS Indianapolis. Captain McVay was an experienced captain and knew what needed to be done to run the ship and the procedures to travel safely during a period where Japanese subs were everywhere waiting to take down American ships. When the USS Indianapolis left San Francisco, McVay had a crew that was not experienced. Therefore, he requested to have his crew be trained and was promised that training would take place...

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blackbeard the pirate

Jamaica, to strike on French ships. Soon after the war had ended, Edward had become dissatisfied with the peace that came along with it. This eventually led him to sign on as a crewmember of the pirate Captain Benjamin Hornigold (1714). This was where Edward Teach’s career as a pirate had begun. Edward quickly distinguished himself by his strength, courage, and devilish attitude from all the other crewmembers on board. In 1716 following the capture of a French merchant ship called the Concorde, Hornigold...

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The Bermuda Triangle

Rico. Connect these lines with a third line and you are looking at an area of ocean where hundreds of people have met tragic, unexplained death. The Triangle of Death. The Magic Rhombus. The Limbo of the Lost. The Twilight Zone. The Port of Missing Ships. The Devil’s Triangle. The Hoodoo Sea. These and more are names given to the mysterious Bermuda Triangle. The Bermuda Triangle has a long and perilious history and can still send shivers through the bravest sailors and aviators. However, the United...

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