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She Dwelt Among The Untrodden Ways

Response to She Dwelt among the Untrodden Way Samantha Wallace English 125 Intro to Literature David Moskowitz January 17, 2012 Response to She Dwelt among the Untrodden Way When reading a poem there are many elements to take into consideration. Some of these elements are tone, language, theme, plot, setting and symbols. These elements contribute to the reader’s response of the literature. When reading She Dwelt among the Untrodden Way written by William Wordsworth there were three of...

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The Way in Which Wordsworth Presents Emotion in Strange Fits of Passion

we could assume that the Poet is reflecting on this incident with sadness regarding his memories of Lucy. This idea is further supported by the themes of the other “Lucy Poems”, namely loss. Poems such as “Three Years She Grew in Sun and Shower” and "She dwelt among the untrodden ways" showcase the Joy of the Poet in Lucy’s company and feelings of great sorrow at her demise. While it is unlikely that the women featured in the “Lucy Poems” are one and the same, it makes no difference to the common feelings...

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Lucy Poems

common people and he often used dramatic changes of states and ironic inversions which are also present in the traditional ballad. Among the Lucy poems, ‘’The Strange fits of passion have I known’’ is probably the most obvious ballad since it has an old, very simple ballad form. However, the Lucy poems never existed as such in W’s day, they were grouped this way by Victorian critics and editors after his death. ~ Inspiration ~ In terms of literary origin, Lucy derives from...

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Nature in William Wordwrth's Selected Poems (Daffodils and the World Is Too Much with Us

In ““I Travelled among Unknown Men” [sic], Lucy sparks thoughts of land and sea, shores and mountains, mornings and nights, fires and fields (Wordsworth 173). “Strange Fits of Passion Have I Known,” has Wordsworth comparing Lucy, the woman he sees each day, to a flower. She is “fresh as a rose in June” (170). To get to her, he must follow the moon to a cottage in an orchard-plot. A comparison is drawn between the setting of the moon to the setting of her life. “Three Years She Grew,” again offers...

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The Ups and Downs of Love

Ups And Downs of Love <br> <br>Love is a constant. Although it comes in many forms and many different ways love cannot be changed and has existed since the dawn of time. No matter where you are in the world, love is still the same thing, it is universal and is experienced by everyone in their lifetime. Poetry has been used for centuries to express feelings and emotions and is the most effective way to express love. Poets have been able to show all aspects of love, the ups and the downs throughout time...

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She Dwelt Among Untrodden Ways

The poem She Dwelt Among the Untrodden Ways use the elements of theme, metaphors, and persona to draw the attention of the reader. They also show the intent and feelings that the author wanted to show in his writings. It was written by William Wordsworth who has been known for his style of romance and nature. "For Wordsworth, passion in poetry is not merely the subject of a poem but also the means of its expression and its resultant effect" (Robinson, 2010, Para 1). Each one contributes to the other...

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Test Paper Literature Grade Ten

EXAMINATION GRADE TEN – THREE HOURS Answer question ONE and FOUR others selecting one from POETRY, PROSE and FICTION. 1. Answer all the questions in PART A and PART B PART A a. “But she is in her grave, and, oh, The difference to me!” I. Where are these lines taken from? Who has written them? II. Who do “she” and “me” refer to? III. What is the difference felt by him? b. “Says he, ‘The mystery I’ve found- I’ll turn me round’ – he turned him round;” I. Where are these lines taken from...

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Education of Nature

five of William Wordsworth’s (1770-1850) poems - 'Strange Fits of Passion Have I Known', 'She Dwelt Among the Untrodden Ways', 'I Travelled Among Unknown Men', 'Three Years She Grew in Sun and Shower' and 'A Slumber Did My Spirit Seal' – known as the ‘Lucy’ poems, and how they conform to Wordsworth’s concept of poetry as outlined in his Preface to ‘Lyrical Ballads’ (1800). These poems are counted among Wordsworth’s finest, notwithstanding the question over the identity of ‘Lucy’ that now seems...

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Summary of 'She Dwelt Among the Untrodden Ways'

of debate among scholars. Generally reticent about the poems, Wordsworth never revealed the details of her origin or identity.[2] Some scholars speculate that Lucy is based on his sister Dorothy, while others see her as a fictitious or hybrid character. Most critics agree that she is essentially a literary device upon whom he could project, meditate and reflect. The "Lucy poems" consist of "Strange fits of passion have I known", "She dwelt among the untrodden ways", "I travelled among unknown men"...

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William Wordsworth

friend and co-writer, strongly think its Dorothy, Wordsworth’s sister. Both Lucy poems that I have studied ,”A slumber did my spirit steal”, and,” She dwelt amongst the untrodden ways” , feature the bond between nature and poet. In,” She dwelt amongst the untrodden ways “, the bond that Wordsworth himself has with nature causes him to fall for Lucy because she herself has a bond with nature. In the first stanza Lucy is described as living in this isolated area in very close proximity with nature and Wordsworth...

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