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  • Sexual Abuse

    Corrosion of the Soul Sexual child abuse kills the spirt of any child and distorts their thinking. I know first hand; I’m the daughter of a molested victim. Even though I was never molested myself‚ I know the impact it has had on my mother‚ and that effected me. How can one be a parent when their own parents did such a heinous things to them? How can one try to get over the fact that they lost their innocence when they were just under ten years old? How does an adult act when they were molested

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  • Children and Sexual Abuse

    and Sexual Abuse Cairene E. Greenlee Abuse: Causes‚ Effects‚ & Interventions Due: 09/22/2014 Children and Sexual Abuse Child sexual abuse‚ or child molestation happens when an adult‚ or older adolescent child uses a younger child for sexual stimulation or sexual gratification. Child sexual abuse may be touching‚ indecent exposure‚ or engaging in sexual activities. This may be physical or non-physical in nature. This paper will discuss identifying symptoms‚ or signals of child sexual abuse‚ long

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  • Sexual Abuse in Women

    CLINICAL RESEARCH Sexual Abuse and Subsequent Suicidal Behaviour: Exacerbating Factors and Implications for Recovery Cate Curtis ABSTRACT. Suicidal behaviour is a cause for concern among many western countries; in general‚ it is most common among young women. This research used qualitative methods to explore the narratives of 24 Cate Curtis‚ PhD‚ lectures in psychology at the University of Waikato‚ New Zealand. She is interested in female self-harming behaviour‚ including self-mutilation

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  • Sexual abuse

    Sexual abuse is a term used to describe one individual forcing another to commit a sexual act. Around the globe sexual abuse is much more common than people would like to think. In most cases‚ when we hear of sexual abuse we think about women or children. However‚ there are some instances where men are also sexual abused. For instance‚ there is a significant percentage of men incarcerated that experience sexual abuse at one point or another in their adult lives. Many factors play into these abuse

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  • Childhood Sexual Abuse

    Childhood Sexual Abuse Sexual assault and abuse among children is an ever increasing epidemic in our society. Not only do we have to work together to prevent these heinous crimes from occurring‚ but we must also be there for those who are victims. I believe that Herbert Ward really put things into perspective when he said “child abuse casts a shadow the length of a lifetime.” According to the Childhelp organization‚ child abuse in America occurs at a staggering rate of one report every 10 seconds

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  • Childhood Sexual Abuse

    paradoxical and confusing problems that victims and their families may face is childhood sexual abuse. This form of abuse is a great concern for the present day American society and many efforts through the works of professionals as well as legislation are attempting to put a stop to this unethical‚ premature sexual exploitation. Ratican (1992) defined childhood sexual abuse in the following manner: “any sexual act‚ overt or covert‚ between a child and an adult (or older child‚ where the younger child’s

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  • Sexual Harassment and Abuse

    experiencing sexual harassment or sexual abuse? In your opinion‚ how prevalent are these offenses and what is an appropriate response? Unfortunately in our society‚ we have been gradually increasing sexual liberties in the ways we dress‚ talk‚ and act in any and every public venue. This sexual liberation from both genders has helped to blur the boundaries of sexual harassment. Balswick and Balswick define sexual harassment as “any form of unsolicited language or touching containing sexual overtones

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  • Sexual Abuse In America

    When most are questioned on how slaves were mistreated‚ it is usually along the lines of getting whipped‚ chained‚ and lynched. Although this is not necessarily incorrect‚ the modes of abuse the slaves of America underwent are much deeper than that and are far more complex as some forms of abuse are not seen to the naked eye. Apart from physical violence‚ slaves were also constantly made to feel worthless about themselves through several actions that made slaves feel like they did not even own

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  • child sexual abuse

    Child Sexual Abuse Siping Chen Laney College Psych 7A April 10‚ 2014 Child Sexual Abuse Child sexual abuse does not have a universal definition. However‚ a central characteristic of any abuse is the dominant position of an adult that allows him or her to force or coerce a child into sexual activity (American Psychological Association). Yet all offences that involve sexually touching a child‚ as well as non-touching offenses and sexual exploitation‚ are just as harmful and

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  • Child Sexual Abuse

    Child Sexual Abuse Unit 6 Project Child sexual abuse is a form of child abuse where an adult or adolescent uses a child for sexual stimulation. Child sexual abuse doesn ’t always involve body contact. Exposing a child to sexual situations or material is sexually abusive‚ whether or not touching is involved (Smith 2013). Statistics states that 1 in 5 girls and 1 in 20 boys is a victim of child sexual abuse (Finkelhor 2012). Studies show that 20% of adult females and 5-10% of adult males recall

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