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Psychological Trauma

Definition of traumaTrauma is an individual’s response to an emotionally distressing and unexpected event which overwhelms their capacity to manage. It can be a single event or enduring activity, which completely overwhelms the individual’s ability to manage the emotions associated with the experience. Traumatic events shatter an individual’s assumptions of trust, and shake the basis of their beliefs about safety. •Research has clearly demonstrated the link between severe abuse and traumatic...

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Exploring Psychological Trauma and Its Affects

Exploring psychological trauma and its affects Eng. 220, Spring 2011 Psychological trauma is a type of damage to the psyche that occurs as a result of a traumatic event. In “Mending by Sallie Bingham”, the reader can find that the narrator has dealt with a trauma, and the pain that arises is a lot. Same situations occur with Pat Staten, and her father, as well as Jane Lazzare. In each of the short stories, the reader can find that the author or narrator has suffered with psychological trauma and the...

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Psychological Trauma and Andrea

Based on the case study, her diagnosis is as follows: 309.81 Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, With Dissociative Symptoms (F43.10) 300.82 Somatic Symptom Disorder V62.89 Victim of Crime (Z65.4) Rationale Hansell and Damour (2008) explain stress disorder trauma as an emotionally overcoming experience where either real or apparent likelihood of loss of life or grave injury to self or a significant other. The DSM (APA, 2013) explains that a client who experiences PTSD must face one or more of the following...

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Trauma Theory Of Childhood Trauma

Introduction Childhood traumas have been associated with many psychological problems later in life. Specifically, sexual abuse during childhood shows correlations with many different types of anxiety disorder. There are many theories as to why this is, but most of the prominent ones deal with memory repression. Freud first introduced memory repression when he described it as consciously taking an event out of their memory. Since the population of child sexual abuse survivors is to be 1 in 5 girls...

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Childhood Trauma

Running  head:  CHILDHOOD  TRAUMA  AND  ITS  IMPACT     Childhood Trauma And Its Impact On The Brain       The nature versus nurture debate in human development is longstanding with many opposing viewpoints. However, numerous studies have confirmed that the maturation and development of the brain has a “reciprocal relationship with the environment” (Wilson, Hansen & Li, 2001). With the brain developing at its fastest rate in childhood, it is...

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Psychological Debriefing: Pros and Cons

Psychological Debriefing: Pros and Cons Psychological debriefing (PD), is an intervention process in which trauma survivors are urged to recount and relive the incident in order to avoid long-term consequences and traumatic stress responses (Halgin, 2009, p. 59). The method used in this process is Critical Incident Stress Debriefing (CISD) and more recently, Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM). However, there are those who oppose the use of psychological debriefing, stating that...

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Sexual Trauma Study Notes

1. TRAUMA, SEXUAL TRAUMA & COUNSELLING 1.1 DEFINING STRESS, CRISES & TRAUMA Stress • A strain we feel at different times/in different situations • Set of external forces impinging on the person (unemployment, crime, etc) • Set of psychological & physiological reactions (racing heart, sweating palms etc) • Can be opportunity for growth - The spark that pushes us into action • The extent to which an individual experiences stress depends on the event, together with the individual’s personality...

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Trauma Theory and Process

 Trauma Theory and Process Paul Gendreau New England College Abstract This paper will review trauma-related events, theory and process and the impact this has upon stabilization, treatment and planning for care. This form of counseling must be developmentally and culturally appropriate as well as individualized. Effective intervention can prevent post-traumatic stress syndrome and assist normal mourning processes associated with any losses experienced. These prevention...

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Childhood Trauma

Childhood Trauma Family violence is always disheartening. Childhood sexual abuse is by far the worse. There are many forms of childhood sexual abuse. The sexual abuse can involve seduction by a beloved relative or it can be a violent act committed by a stranger. Childhood sexual trauma causes psychological, interpersonal, and behavioral. This paper will show a first account of the impact of childhood trauma. Family History Jewel grew up in turmoil. She found out from...

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Post Trauma In Veterans

In my own definition a trauma can be described as an event that upsets the individual’s normal causing psychological, physical, and emotional harm. A trauma has different meanings to each individual however, anyone can experience a trauma. Bessel A. van der Kolk an expert in the field of traumatic stress states that, “experiencing trauma is an essential part of being human; history is written in blood” (Van der Kolk, McFlarlane, &Weisaeth, 2007). Some examples of a trauma include rape, physical...

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