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Sex Ethics

In the Western culture we are a very sex negative society. For example looking at how kids are taught about sex its always a very negative way. Classes are typically oriented around avoiding sex (abstinence) and how it can be potentially harming to how people view them. The topics of masturbation, prostitution and pornography are very much frowned upon in the Western culture because live in such a sex negative secluded society. These things shouldn’t be looked on as unethical because it is every...

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Sex Trafficking

Abstract Sex trafficking is an old profession that is increasing rapidly. Sex trafficking is the most modern-day slavery. The means of trafficking is threatening or the use of force, coercion, abduction, abuse of power or vulnerability, or giving payments or benefits to a person in control of the victim. Trafficking is for the purpose of exploitation, which includes prostitution, sexual exploitation, forced labor, slavery or similar practices. Sex trafficking can have psychological affects the victims...

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Sex in the Media

sexual media everywhere I looked. As I observed mass media with a critical eye, I realized that sexual media has an impact on everyone’s daily life. As the saying says, “Sex sells!”. In some of the images I saw I was taken aback and overwhelmed because some of the products that were trying to be advertised didn’t need any sex images attached to be sold. It is evident to me that the people in advertising know exactly what they are doing to capture the attention of the consumers. Over the years...

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sex education

A ten-week course of sex education can do wonders in educating children about every aspect of sexual intercourse. Instead of our standard, two day system running today, we’d be able to have a longer, in depth conversation with the students that would enable them to understand the very basics of sex and all the possible ways to avoid sexually transmitted diseases (STD's), pregnancy, and to be more accepting of sexuality as a whole. The ten week time span we are given would be broken down into...

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Safe Sex

research paper is on safe sex.Safe sex is something that we all should practice .Practicing safe sex is the best thing for the youth who don’t know that much about sex.How can you know you are ready for sex? Well u can tell by your feeling and kinds of feeling n emotions about that person you are with. There is a lot of physical risk when having sex. You have a lot of chances of catching STD’S, AIDS, CHLAMYDIA, And GENTIAL WARTIS. I you are thinking about having sex you and you partner should go n get...

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Sex & Religion

SEX “First off, sex feels good so we should do it all the time, even in class.”-Danny Martin. “Sex outside of marriage is a sin; sex within a marriage is not a sin.”-Bertrand Russell. In today’s world, sex can either be viewed on both ends of the spectrum as you can see by the two quotes above. Many people have different views and opinions on the matter. Like any subject there is always a good and bad to sex. The good that comes from sex is that it brings joy, relaxation; it may help a person...

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Teenage Sex

Teenage Sex Teenage Sex Sexually active teenagers in America are significant problems for which we have done something. A question that rings in the minds of teenagers everywhere is when to have sex. Catholic teachings instruct us to wait until one is in a loving marriage to have sex. Not only is the church preaching abstinence, but now public schools are also teaching students about the advantages of abstinence. Premarital sex is a growing...

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Sex in Advertisement

 An important controversial issue that America faces today is the debate of sex in advertising. Sex in advertisement is a major problem in the United States. It is in almost every advertisement we see. Some people don’t seem to notice because they have grown use to it while others just turn their cheek the other way. Sex in advertising is sometimes referred to as sex appeal or sex ads. Sex ads are defined as any type of advertising that shows pictures of partially nude or wording...

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premarital sex

Mandaluyong City CAUSES AND EFFECTS OF PRE-MARITAL SEX TO TEENAGERS Researchers: Custorio, Servino T. Barro, Vina Jane CEIT-19-301E/WS 6:00pm-7:30pm Professor: Ms. Leagieren Kates Aquino Thesis Statement: Topic Outline: INTRODUCTION I. Background Of Study A) History of Pre-marital Sex (Sexual history falsification) B) Cultural Views and Religious Views C) Science of Pre-Marital Sex 1. Psychological Perspective 2. Emotional Component 3. Physical...

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Sex Ed and Premarital Sex

Controversial Speech- Eliza Froemel Should Sex Ed be taught in school? Intro: I remember when I was in 5th grade in Hayward Intermediate School in Mrs. Helander’s class. We learned songs that helped us remember The Preamble of the Constitution, and songs that helped us remember that before a bill became affective it was sent to Capitol Hill to be approved or vetoed. I also remember when we watched a video that had a singing sperm, and a singing egg. I thought it was the funniest thing that was...

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