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“the Social Construction of Gender”

Gender is ascribed meaning something people are not born as or with, while sex is prescribed meaning something someone is born as or with such as race. Society assigns gender to each person and those children who are born with an ambiguous genitalia are often assigned a gender based on what doctors may think is easier to make, boy or girl. Why is it so wrong to leave these children as they are? Why must a gender be assigned to these children immediately? We are constantly “doing gender” even when...

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english essay

Cynthia Robinson English 101: Writing and Research March 2013 Gender Expectations Society often expects certain type of behavior from everyone. But in the big picture, this behavior is only based on what type of sex you are and what your responsibility according to your sex. In today’s society, we have discrimination; high expectations and a set of norms that in a lot of cases only apply or are strictly apply in one gender only. So all of this leads us to the question: Are gender expectations...

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Book Review

females in the army is the sexism towards women. On page 18, in Williams opening chapter, she says, “Sex is key to any woman soldier’s experiences in the American military.” She then goes on to explain that since there are such a majority of men, many of them are desperate for women to sleep with. She explains that it did not matter what you looked like, if you were a female all men wanted to have sex with you. In Janet Maslin’s review on the memoir she claims that she believes that it was Michael E...

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Annotated  Bibliography Hupka, B. R., & Bank, L. A. (1996). Sex differences in jealousy: evolution or social construction? Cross-Cultural Research, 30(1), 24-59.   Ward, J., & Voracek, M. (2004). Evolutionary and social cognitive explanations of sex  differences in romantic jealousy.  Australian Journal of Psychology, 56(3), 165-171. doi: 10.1080/00049530412331283381   Sex differences in romantic jealousy have been widely reported in the recent psychological literature. According...

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Female Foeticide

technology proved a boon for these people as this had made the diabolic slaughter of the female child much easier and more sophisticated than before. The benefits of science, as usual, has again been misused by mankind and today by dint of the pre-natal sex determination tests, the female fetuses are selectively aborted. Hence we can say that in the modern era another shameful chapter has been added to the saga of oppression and exploitation meted out to women, in the form of ‘Female Foeticide'. It is...

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Gender Identity Conflict

that results when the individual takes the social construction of gender and the biological ‘facts' of sex and incorporates them into an overall self-concept' (512)"(Frable par 7). Lawrenece Kohlberg defines gender identity as the "cognitive self-categorization as ‘boy' or ‘girl'"(Frable par 5). This means that the individual will form a gender from their understanding of those ideas, sex and social construction of gender. A child will then form a gender after recognizing other peoples ...

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Communication Between Men and Women

naturally occur. Deborah Tannen, is an award winning writer and a best selling author for her eccentric essays based on differences of male and female conversations. In the essay, "Sex, Lies and Conversation" she writes on the many distinctions of the style of conversations on both men and women. The author's main belief in "Sex, Lies and Conversation", is that both men and women come from two different cultures and that during a simple a conversation it would seem as if it was "cross-cultural communication"...

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Gender Stereotypes In Sports

sports as men are considered more athletic than women. At Cardinal Carter Catholic High School while both the male and female’s soccer teams are very much alike in terms of rules, practices and activities, the fact that they are segregated by their sex and how each gender performs influences the development of gender advantages that favour masculinity. When it comes to performances, attitudes, authorities,and opportunities, men are treated different from women. From years of experience of playing...

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Mary Wolstonecraft Analysis

out in anger upon from not knowing that men have always tried to embed the idea of an ideal way women were supposed to be. Starting in grade school, the books teaching about the characteristics of being a girl, placed them as the weaker and obedient sex. When she begins to go deeper into detail in paragraph 2, she says “the male pursues, the female yields (and) this is the law of nature.” Mary is not in favor of how this cycle is constantly being played out. Men had known that women were taught to...

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E.E. Cummings' on the Death of Romance in \

also as the not-so-innocent act of premarital, um, "parking". It was in the height of this revolution that Cummings wrote this graphic poem. Given Cummings' history as a Unitarian Minister, this poem is a lamentation, more than a celebration, of sex; a topic which Cummings wrote much about. Although the poem never declares that this is a sexual metaphor, its double entendres are made clear by the author's personification of the new car, referring to it as "she". "she being Brand ...

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