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Response to Literature Romeo and Juliet

objective through to kiss Juliet. The conversation Romeo and Juliet had, was written by Shakespeare in the form of a sonnet, a 14-line poem usually containing one of several conventional rhyme schemes. To describe this romantic, somewhat intimate first encounter between Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare used a rhyme scheme, metaphors, and imagery. The love that began during this very first encounter between Romeo and Juliet was the tragic beginning to their death; it clearly helped show that love can cause...

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Petrarcha And Laura

petrarchian and troubadour poetry is famous for. They glorified woman's beauty, but deprived of any physical desire. Sonnet XV. consists of 14 stanzas consisting of one octave and one sestet. In the octave rhyme scheme is ABBAABB (rain-disdain; sighs-eyes) and in the sestet rhyme scheme is CDEDCE (dies-flies; removes-approves). Figures of speech in this sonnet are: methapors, overstatements, oxymorons. Tone goes under several shifts. In the first three stanzas the speaker feels joy just by looking...

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Figure of Speech

the rhyme scheme Ababa, ceded, feet, gag. [4] [4] [4] [2] In a Shakespearean sonnet the is rhyme scheme is the rhyme scheme in a...

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Yeats Wild Swans of Coole

stanzas, each written in a roughly iambic meter, with the first and third lines in tetrameter, the second, fourth, and sixth lines in trimeter, and the fifth line in pentameter, so that the pattern of stressed syllables in each stanza is 434353. The rhyme scheme in each stanza is ABCBDD. Commentary One of the most unusual features of Yeats’s poetic career is the fact that the poet came into his greatest powers only as he neared old age; whereas many poets fade after the first burst of youth, Yeats...

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A Work of Artifice

going on in the majority of the world. The form of “A Work of Artifice” contains no rhyme schemes or meters, but it instead gives an extraordinary use of free verse. The poem implies that women are held captive under male dominance. Because the women are held captive, they are not seen as free. Therefore, Piercy’s use of free verse is a contradiction to her poem. Though the poem lacks rhyme scheme, the structured display gives it a polished feel and relates to how the bonsai tree is kept...

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Ode on Melancholy commentary

ten-lined stanzas that follow the pattern of an iambic pentameter. The rhyme scheme through the three stanzas, however, is not consistent. In the first two stanzas, Keats offers the reader advice on how to cope with sadness. These first two stanzas follow the rhyme scheme of ABABCDECDE. The first four lines of the stanza follow an alternating rhyme scheme, then the last six lines of the stanza have an alternating rhyme scheme. Keats utilizes this pattern in such a way where the first four lines provide...

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Sonnet 129

word that fulfills the iambic rhythm, but in effect, disrupts it and works against it. Rhyme, when done appropriately, produces an effect that free verse simply does not match and cannot reproduce. When being used by a professional such as Shakespeare, rhyme is not just about being appealing, proper or elegant; it directs the reader’s ear and mind, strengthening thought and thematic ideas. The rhyme scheme within Sonnet 129 is rather common. The first quatrain is ABAB, the second is CDCD, the third...

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Poetry analysis on "How Do I Love Thee" and "Sonnet XVIII"

structure of a Petrarchan sonnet, and is therefore written in iambic pentameter. It consists of 14 lines, and is divided into an octave and a sestet. The octave has a rhyme scheme of ABBA ABBA. It presents the primary problem facing the author, in this case being the question of her declaration of love. The sestet has a rhyme scheme of CDCDCD. It resolves the problem presented by clarifying the ways in which the author loves her beloved, and claiming that her love would be strengthened in the afterlife...

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Quoth the Raven (the Raven Poem Explication)

shown through the thoughts of the man, an inner dialogue. The rhythm of the poem is in trochaic octometer, meaning the syllables are in the following pattern: “stressed, unstressed, stressed, unstressed…” The second and third last lines of each stanza rhyme every time, and sometimes repetition is employed, communicating the importance of certain elements; the word “Lenore” is used as the last word in the second and third last lines of the second stanza, for instance. After the Raven appears, the last...

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Characteristics of the Sonnet

all wonder what is a sonnet. A sonnet is a short poem that is slightly misunderstood and has fourteen lines in iambic pentameter with a meticulously patterned rhyme scheme. The sonnet has a reputation for being very complex, and hard to understand at times. Contrary to the popular belief, sonnets do not need to fit one specific rhyme scheme. The two most common sonnets are the Italian or Petrarchan sonnet, named after Francesco Petrarch an Italian poet, and the English or Shakespearean sonnet, which...

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