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  • The Bubonic Plague

    pandemic that was able to spread from country to country and kill millions in the process‚ the Black Death‚ also known as the Bubonic Plague‚ was able to leave a mark on almost all of the Eastern hemisphere. Additionally and ironically‚ the impact the Black Death had on many countries was both negative and positive. While killing millions and destroying economies‚ the Bubonic plague also helped improved health care and sanitation. By far‚ it is easy to see that the Black Death was no simple disease and

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  • Bubonic Plague

    http://ponderosa-pine.uoregon.edu/students/Janis/menu.html Abstract Bubonic plague has had a major impact on the history of the world. Caused by the bacterium‚ Yersinia pestis‚ and transmitted by fleas often found on rats‚ bubonic plague has killed over 50 million people over the centuries. Burrowing rodent populations across the world keep the disease present in the world today. Outbreaks‚ though often small‚ still occur in many places. The use of antibiotics and increased scientific knowledge

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  • Bubonic Plague

    as the bubonic plague. Europe was not alone in this catastrophe; portions of Northern Africa and Asia were also affected. The extent of the devastation caused by the bubonic plague can be explained by examining the culture of the 1300s. The population was unaware of how the disease was spread and therefore no preventable measures were made. The plague affected social‚ political‚ religious‚ and economic life. The disease was able to spread from Asia into Europe and North Africa. The bubonic plague

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  • Essay On The Bubonic Plague

    An important event of Shakespeare’s time was the Bubonic Plague. The Bubonic Plague is one of the world’s most well-known epidemics. During the middle ages this deadly disease managed to kill 30 to 50% of Europe’s population. Throughout the years the plague’s effect has died down‚ but it is very much still alive today. The play is a very deadly disease caused by bacteria called Yersinia Pestis. The main way that the plague gets transported is by rats and fleas. The bacteria can also be transported

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  • Shakespeare and the Bubonic Plague

    Black Plague When the Black Plague is mentioned most people think of the first occurrence from 1348-1400‚ yet many people don’t know that it reoccurred when Shakespeare was alive. Shakespeare was affected by the Black Plague in several ways: many of his family members died‚ his family incurred the high expenses of medical care‚ and he lived in an environment where people were dying everywhere and bodies even littered the streets. Many people in Shakespeare’s family died from the Plague‚ during

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  • Meaning Of The Bubonic Plague

    The bubonic plague‚ caused by the Yersinia pest is bacteria‚ is a highly contagious communicable disease. The bacteria is transferred from animals‚ to fleas‚ to humans. This bacteria can be found in multiple location world-wide. The earliest reporting of the Bubonic plague‚ also known as the “Black Death”‚ dates back to 1347‚ via land and sea trade routes of the ancient Silk Road. When rat filled ships arrived at the harbors of Europe‚ people came to welcome the sailors home. They soon realized

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  • Bubonic Plague Dbq

    The initial decline of the middle ages laid between 1420 and stretched to 1470.  During that time was the disastrous bubonic plague‚ also known as the black death‚  and other factors dragging the time longer after the plague even released it’s solid grasp on the world. Nearly seven thousand people died per day in Cairo‚ Egypt. The entire world was impacted by this time period‚ leaving no room for any group‚ social place‚ or country safe‚ save for very few. As for example‚ some German villages were

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  • Essay On Bubonic Plague

    The Bubonic Plague The Bubonic Plague occurred in the fourteenth century and caused an enormous death rate across Europe‚ Africa and China. The Bubonic Plague is a pandemic that that took more lives than any other known disease (“Black Death”). People during the fourteenth century had never experienced a disease that was as serious as the Bubonic Plague and were unable to comprehend the cause of this disease or how to treat it. The plague began killing at an incredible speed that wiped out many countries

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  • The Bubonic Plague Disease

    The Bubonic Plague In Europe during the late 1340s‚ almost 25 million people died. During the Great Plague of London in the 1660s‚ one in every five people died. This was all caused by one deadly disease‚ the Bubonic Plague (National Geographic). The Bubonic Plague attacks a body system called the immune system. This disease’s structure and function cause this body system to malfunction and will also cause many awful problems and symptoms in the body. Imagine what it would be like if an outbreak

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  • The Importance Of Bubonic Plague

    time‚ I would go to places where I could help people in need. I’d especially like to travel to China in the early 1330s to prevent the bubonic plague that originated here. This plague causes fever‚ painful buboes and spots on the skin that are red at first and then turn black. Bubonic plague mainly affects rats‚ but fleas can transmit the disease to people‚ so the plague often breaks out in run-down‚ dirty areas‚ which provide ideal environments for fleas to grow. Once people are infected‚ they infect

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