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  • The analysis of the article “No compassion for drunk drivers”

    outraged reply to a TV program‚ condemning drunk drivers. The author is extreme in his judgment‚ the use of abuse words in the beginning of the text (no compassion‚ I hate them‚ I become enraged‚ I wanted to kick the in the set) and in the end (the repetition of the phrase- I wanted to kick in the set‚ you were the killer‚ self-indulgent slobs‚ kill each other) points out his view which is very angry and emotional. Yet the style of the article is publicist and though we cannot determine the clear-cut

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  • Poem analysis: dolor by theodore roethke

    Dolor In the English language “dolor” means to be in a state of great sorrow or distress‚ the poem further extends this definition by describing the melancholy an office job can cause. Loneliness‚ anguish‚ mind-numbing repetitiveness‚ all of these things is what an office worker must deal with on an almost daily basis. The poem gives an understanding of the how the workers feel while doing their jobs‚ the personification of the office supplies could metaphorical be the feeling of the workers‚ the

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  • Gary Soto

    Throughout the autobiographical narrative written by Gary Soto‚ many different literary elements are used to recreate the experience of his guilty six-year old self. Different elements such as contrast‚ repetition‚ pacing‚ diction‚ and imagery. Soto narrates this story as a young boy at a time when he seems to be young and foolish‚ Soto foolmaking mistakes‚ but at the same time hoping to learn from them. Soto uses each of these devices to convey different occurrences in the narrative. Contrast

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  • Is Process Cyclical or Linear?

    Affirming it is the acceptance to the idea that our past is just a specific pattern of cycles‚ therefore nothing new was or can be seen yesterday or tomorrow. On the other hand‚ we can say that process is linear‚ meaning there are no patterns or repetitions because it has its beginning and imminent end. To make a stand on the matter is simple but to provide justifications is not because both sides have its critical good points and bad points. After weeks of thinking‚ I decided to side with the linear

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  • Miss Gee

    ‘thin and small’ the lack of conversation is highlighted and with ‘no bust at all’ we understand that Miss Gee isn’t feminine and this is why she has no relationship. The poem continues to highlight the limitations of Miss Gee’s life through the repetition of ‘Clevedon Terrace’ showing that her life doesn’t have many new elements to it and perhaps her life‚ like the poem‚ is very repetitive. Also‚ the writer states that Miss Gee has a ‘mac for wet days’ and a ‘green umbrella’ this suggests that Miss

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  • We Fall Down

    “We all fall down” by Robert Cormier is escapism. This is presented primarily by the character Buddy Walker who doesn’t faced the challenges place upon him‚ and also relies on alcohol to escape the world. Cormier addresses this through the use of repetition “Buddy nodded‚ eager to end the conversation‚ eager for Harry to turn away‚ eager to get away

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  • Ted Talk Process Analysis

    I am the biggest offender in this category‚ however‚ all talks featured repetition. Of course‚ this is to be expected‚ for some points are going to be stressed more than others‚ however‚ I believe that we all repeated to much. For example‚ I continually came back to the idea that all our fears are rooted in death‚ this is the

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  • Repetition In Othello

    many different ways in which Shakespeare uses structure and language to explore control. In terms of language‚ Shakespeare uses repetition at the beginning of the passage between Othello and Iago. Everytime Othello poses a question‚ Iago retaliates by simply repeating the question back to Othello‚ for example‚ "Is he not honest?"‚ "Honest my Lord?". By using this repetition‚ Iago asserts his control over not only the conversation but also Othello. This is cleverly done by Shakespeare as the authoritative

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  • Productive Skills

    PRODUCTIVE SKILLS “Productive skills” is the term for speaking and writing‚ skills where students actually have to produce language themselves. Although the productive skills of writing and speaking are different in many ways‚ we can still provide a basic model for teaching and organizing them. I. A basic methodological model for teaching productive skills A key factor in the success of productive-skill task is the way teachers organize them and how they respond to the students’ work

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  • The Museum of Vain Endeavours Summary

    Virginia‚ she’d usually contemplate about what she read as well as listening to Virginia’s insight about the difference of each year’s history. She would always think to herself about how curious it is for people to repeat Vain Endeavours‚ which is the repetition of many failed attempts‚ and if it were to be written‚ it would take up too much space. Sometimes she would talk aloud about some stories of Vain Endeavours from the book to Virginia. An interesting fact that Virginia shares was that only a tiny

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