Is Process Cyclical or Linear?

Topics: Cycle, Critical thinking, Time Pages: 2 (601 words) Published: March 26, 2009
Aireen G. TiamzonDr. N. Racho
M.A in Philosophy

“Is Process Cyclical or Linear?”

Process? Some say it is the mode of change whether physical, organic or psychological, while some defined it as the sequentially structured sequence of successive stages or phases. Whatever the definition or characterization on the matter a person accepts, still we can not deny process because it is the pervasive predominant feature of the real. At present time, no one will argue about the reality of change, since even a simple event like a single tick of the clock implies change. Even a child can understand and accept the reality of process because of the reality of change. Taking this case, we cannot simply ignore the reality that process is inevitable, so it’s very logical to delve oneself about its nature, if there is such.

The possible nature of process is its direction of movement: linear or cyclical. Is process subjected to cyclical movement? Affirming it is the acceptance to the idea that our past is just a specific pattern of cycles, therefore nothing new was or can be seen yesterday or tomorrow. On the other hand, we can say that process is linear, meaning there are no patterns or repetitions because it has its beginning and imminent end. To make a stand on the matter is simple but to provide justifications is not because both sides have its critical good points and bad points. After weeks of thinking, I decided to side with the linear movement because of its good evidences compared to the cyclical movement. But sadly, despite the presence of good evidences of linear movement there are lots of people that are convinced that process is cyclical. Maybe the reason for this is the hope cyclical movement offers. But to look further, we believe that process repeats, then we always have a second chance and do better next time. While on the linear movement, there is no second chance, so we have to get things right every time because we will never go back. This is...
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