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Public Library

The public libraries are a nation-wide necessary .A public library is a created organization, supported and financed by the community. It gives access to the knowledge, to information and to a series of resources and of services that are equally accessible to all the members of the community without race distinction, of nationality, of age, of sex, of religion, of language, of physical statute. The public libraries play an important role in the democratic progress of a community while giving to...

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Censorship in School Libraries

Censorship in School Libraries The most debatable and controversial form of censorship today is the banning of books in school libraries. Banning books that educate students is wrong and selfish. Censorship of books in school libraries is neither uncommon nor an issue of the past. Books with artistic and cultural worth are still challenged constantly by those who want to control what others read. The roots of bigotry and illiteracy that fuel efforts to censor books and free expression are unacceptable...

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Legacy Gardens as a Public Space

Segregation of the Student and the Public The presence of public space in a city is integral to the development of its citizens. Individuals can find themselves disconnected from their community when there are no areas in the city to intermingle. In “Brave New Neighborhoods,” Margaret Kohn describes a public space as “a place that is owned by the government, accessible to everyone without restriction, and/or fosters communication and interaction” (11). Legacy Gardens is a public space located at the back...

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Public Space Planning

Public space provides the grounds for cities to be seen and experienced. Whether it is a square, a market, or a park, public space in cities has been noted as the place where ideas are exchanged, city identity is built and citizenship is learned (Carr et al., 1992; Low, 2000; Goodsell, 2003). Such places are important and even necessary for citizens to enjoy a good quality of life and well-being (Relph, 1993). Historically, public places have played an important role in cities in many cultures...

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Smoking Ban in Public Places

Smoking Ban in Public Places There is a chronic problem with people smoking in public places. Health Canada states, “Smoking in public places is the single largest source of indoor air pollution, containing a mixture of nearly 4000 chemicals” (Health Canada, 2011). Clearly, smoking in public has a serious impact upon the health of people and the physical and social environment around them; therefore, implementing smoking laws and developing public education are good approaches to eliminate smoking...

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Cell Phone Usage in Public

Cell Phone Usage in Public While sitting in church, listening to the pastor’s sermon, a cell phone rings playing a Lady Gaga tune. Talking on the phone loudly with a friend, someone checks out at a grocery store. Strolling through the park on a sunny afternoon, a person walks by on a Blue Tooth device practically screaming. While driving to the mall, someone is talking on the cell phone or texting while driving. The given examples show evidence of how talking on the phone in public can be distracting...

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Smoking Ban in Public Places

a good job; law that prohibit smoking in public places help create a healthy environment for all people. The common good must be protected over the perceived individual’s right to smoke because clean air but clean air is a basic human right secured by the United States Constitution’s promise to establish justice, ensure domestic tranquility, and promote the general welfare. Local, state, and even the federal government need to impose smoking bans in public places. It’s an American right to breathe...

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Strength of Public Speaking

They say that for expertise or success in public speaking you must possess these three elements 1.) Content – Message packed with practical, easy to remember and useful information, 2.) Confidence - Knowing that what you share will be valuable and useful, and that you are the one to share it, and 3.) Connection - You must be able to draw the audience into the message. That's what brings the laughter, the tears, and the standing ovations. Having said all this where, when, why, and how do these elements...

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Learning Materials Found in the National Library of Philippines

The Learning Materials Found in the Library Last Saturday though the library is only open till 3pm, I manage to revisit the National Library with a special friend, even though I am very much familiar with the materials that this library use and have, I still push to go there to make a list of these things. As I enter the library, I notice that we first logged to the log book gave by the library guards, and these comes in my first list. I was not able to ask the guard the reason for this, but...

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Smoking In Public: The Reasons Why Smoking In Public Should Be Banned

 Smoking In Public: The Reasons Why Smoking In Public Should Be Banned Nina Marie Maldonado Post University Smoking In Public: The Reasons Why Smoking In Public Should Be Banned There are many reasons why smoking in public should be banned. The three main reasons to ban smoking in public are because of the health risks, offensive smell, and environmental risks that are the cause of cigarette smoke. Secondhand smoke is smoke from a cigarette, cigar, or pipe that is involuntarily...

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