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Why did Germany unify under Prussia and not Austria? Thesis: Prussia was economically powerful, militarily advanced, politically stronger with progressive government Economic Policies: Powerhouse: Prussia debt 11%, Austria debt 26% 1) Zollverein 1818 : customs union * Ended internal tariffs, encouraged development and communication between the States * Economic leader of the German Confederation; other states looked to Prussia economically * Austria didn’t remove internal tariffs...

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Austria and Prussia 1815 - 1850

How did the relationship between Austria and Prussia develop after 1815 and before 1850? The relationship between Austria and Prussia developed a lot during the era of economic wealth, revolution and war. Many governments were restored in Europe (after the defeating Napoleon). Legitimate monarchy was set up meaning the hereditary ruling families would be restored to their old thrones. This was agreed partly because it was seen as a more stable and suitable system suited to peace. Also Metternich...

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Rise of Prussia

military, political, and social factors that account for the rise of Prussia between 1640 and 1786. Bree Stanbrough Due: March 3, 2011 Period 4 The rise of Prussia from 1640 to 1715 was mainly due to the great leadership of Frederick William ‘the Elector’, Frederick William I and Frederick the Great of Prussia. Many military, social, and political factors led to the rise of Prussia also. The major factor that helped Prussia become a great power was the growth of Prussia’s new army and the...

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Why Was Germany Unified Under Prussia and Not Austria?

Why was Germany unified under Prussia and not Austria? I. Introduction A. Prussia was the foremost country in the unification of Germany B. Although it may have not been the intent of Prussia to unify Germany, it is certain that Prussia had the greatest amount of influence in German politics C. Austria was not in a political, economic, or social state to take on such significant role D. Prussia’s advantages: a. Almost exclusive German population b. Leadership more acceptable to German liberals ...

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Why Did Prussia Achieve Dominance in 1866

the Rhineland this meant Prussia had been able to industrialize, resulting in transportation and technological advances, placing it well ahead of its rival. This proved useful later such as the breech-loading gun which devastated Austrian troops at Sadowa in 1866, causing Austria to realize that their only option was back down from its position of power. Leading up to 1866, Austria suffered from a host of internal problems which made victory all the more viable for Prussia. Its involvement in the...

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Peace of Vienna

Austria, Prussia, and Russia, the European countries met in Vienna to determine the fate of the territories that were shattered by the Napoleonic conquests. Their goal was to reconstruct a European order. Two principal dominated the negotiation in Vienna; the preservation of political equilibrium among the countries and the restoration of old dynasties that were driven out by the revolutionary wave. The political decisions that were decided in Vienna redraw the political map of Europe. Prussia expanded...

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EXPANSION. The rise of Prussia started with one man, Frederick William. Fredrick was the first major ruler of Prussia. Fredrick was important to the rise of Prussia because he was able to get a large standing army. To sustain a large army Fredrick had to tax his people. Having a large army was the key to Prussia’s expansion. During the Spanish war, he offered his army to the Holly Roman Empire and by doing so gave him the title of King of Prussia. Fredrick wanted Prussia to be a great power in...

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Why Prussia Became the Leading State Within Germany by 1871

essay will discuss about the reason why Prussia became the leading state within Germany by 1871. Prussia was a largest German state. Prussia is one of the reason why the German achieved their unification. Prussia was the natural leader among the German states and the process of unification that took place in the mid-19th century was a consequence of its earlier military, cultural and political achievements. After the negotiation of the Congress of Vienna, Prussia emerged as the major German power of...

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History: Why Prussia Managed to Secure Dominance in Germany for the Period 1848-1871.

1848-1871, did Prussia achieve and secure dominance in Germany? It is believed that Prussia achieved and secured dominance in Germany because of the role of Bismarck, who got rid of the opposition in the Parliament, strengthened the Prussian army, exploited Prussia’s economic development and won three wars to secure the unification of Germany. However, it is also argued that international scenes too, helped Prussia make a mark as the strongest nation in Europe. Firstly, Prussia managed...

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Vienna Settlement

begin, the European powers built an arc of buffer states on the eastern borders of France at the Congress of Vienna. First, they joined Belgium with the Netherlands to form a new Kingdom known as the Kingdom of the United Netherlands. Then, they gave Prussia the Rhineland --- the land adjacent to the eastern borders of France. Finally, they strengthened the southeastern border state of France, Piedmont, by giving her two French provinces of Savoy and Nice. In building stronger buffer states along France’s...

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