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Crimean War

The Crimean War started because France and Russia wanted control over the Middle East and surrounding areas. The war lasted from 1856 to 1858, just under two years. The more important parts of the war are the causes and events that led up to it, the battle of the Alma, the naval wars of various seas and Sevastopol, the heavily fortified base of the Russian fleet.<br><br>MLV Ffrench Blake states that the main cause of the war was "Russia's desire for territorial expansion, particularly towards a port...

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History Crimean War - Medical Services

organised? * 1853, the Army Medical Department + the Ordnance Medical Department were moved under Dr Andrew Smith. * Had not been done before as the Duke of Wellington had opposed reform of the medical system. * Andrew Smith had to create a war-ready department from scratch. * Dr Smith was told that the British force would have 10,000 men. He had no wagons, no stretcher-bearers + no doctors. * Colonel Tulloch used his staff who were forced on the battlefields as stretcher-bearers...

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Crimean War

importance of the Crimean war (1854 – 1856) for Europe in the second half of the nineteenth century. The Crimean war of 1854-1856 that broke out between Russia that was fighting on its own soil against Turkey that had the support from the allied nations Britain and France and then the support from Sardinia had showed its importance to Europe and had showed how Russian government and army were weak. This is what I will write about in my essay. Before the broke out of the Crimean, France, Britain...

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To what extent was the defeat of the Crimean war Alexander’s excuse for change.

defeat of the Crimean war Alexander’s excuse for change. The defeat in the Crimean war was arguably the main reason why Alexander II made a series of reforms when he came into power. The devastating loss of the war proved the backwardness of Russia in relation to other powers and even though peasant unrest and the criticisms of serfdom were partially responsible for influencing Alexander II, the decision to make changes primarily came from the loss of the Crimean war. The Crimean war was fought...

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The Crimean War

The Crimean war (1854-1856) demonstrates fundamental changes in the nature of warfare. * Identify the ways in which wars were changing with examples (tactical implications of the changes) * Explain root causes of these changes The Crimean war demonstrated the fundamental changes in the nature of warfare. This essay will examine the changes in the nature of warfare. Looking at what caused these changes and how they differed from times before. The Crimean war represents the first major political...

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War was an important cause of change in Russia during the period 1855

To what extent did war act as a catalyst for change in Russia between 1855 and 1924 War was an important cause of change in Russia during the period 1855-1924 and arguably was the most important cause but it was certainly not the only one. Other factors such as the influence of key individuals played a great part in determining change in Russia and should be considered to be very important as well. Russia had been heavily defeated in the Crimean war and this consequently was the most important cause...

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Mary Seacole

skills of care and traditional healing remedies from her mother (Mary Seacole, 2007). Later in her life, Mary Seacole carried her skills into Crimean War to nurse wounded soldiers on the battlefield. Although she suffered discrimination, she showed bravery and courage by continuing to save lives in many countries and in military operations during the Crimean War. Mary Seacole had been through many tragedies in her own life. Seacole was married to Edwin Seacole in 1836. Mary and her husband traveled...

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Do You Agree with the View That Mary Seacole , and Not Florence Nightingale , Was the Real ‘Angle of Mercy’ During the Crimean War?

Do you agree with the view that Mary Seacole , and not Florence Nightingale , was the real ‘angle of mercy’ during the Crimean War? During the Crimean war, both Mary Seacole and Florence Nightingale showed aspects of being angels. The word ‘angel’ suggests a heavenly person who is attentive to the soldiers’ needs, and ‘mercy’ means showing kindness and forgiveness, and the ‘angel of mercy’ basically suggests a compassionated and kind-hearted person who empathizes and helps soldiers in need. Although...

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Why Did Piedmont Become A Driving Force In Italian Unification

shire disappointment and embarrassment of northern Italy trying to fight Austria. The man that saved Piedmont was who took control next, Victor Emmanuel II. He brought five main ideas that caused Piedmont to rise up again, a constitution, a marriage, war, a political movement and finally transport across Italy. Firstly, the constitution, in my opinion the biggest factor, was one that showed consistent strength of Piedmont, because it was the only one to survive beyond 1849, the several other all crumbled...

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“Considering the difficulties he inherited, Alexander II of Russia should be praised not criticised for his reforms.” To what extent do you agree with this judgement?

introduced to 19th century Russia. 40 million serfs were granted rights and freedom. Personal businesses and properties were no longer restricted, and people had the rights to marry without having to gain consent. After the defeat of Russia during the Crimean War, Alexander II acknowledged the fact that Russia, while compared to Great Britain and France, was considered as a backwards, feudal, and non-industrial country. By freeing the serfs, industrialization was able to flourish in Russia as the liberalized...

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