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Planning Function of Management

are meant to support and expediate the achievement of basic plans. w. These detail plans include policies, procedures, rules, programmes, budgets, schedules, etc. For example, if profit maximization is the main aim of the enterprise, derivative plans will include sales maximization, production maximization, and cost minimization. x. Derivative plans indicate time schedule and sequence of accomplishing various tasks. 5. Securing Co-operation y. After the plans have been determined...

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ECO 550 Midterm Quiz

TVs are selling extremely well. The originators of this technology are earning higher profits. What theory of profit best reflects the performance of the plasma screen makers? 2). To reduce Agency Problems, executive compensation should be designed to: 3). Economic profit is defined as the difference between revenue and ____. 4). Which of the following will increase (V0), the shareholder wealth maximization model of the firm: 5). A change in the level of an economic activity is desirable and...

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Characteristics Of Perfect Competition

the cost of the product, where similarly, the supplier does not incur any cost while selling the product to the buyer. This is known as perfect mobility. Maximum Profits In a perfect competition, suppliers only aim for profit maximization. They are not concerned with customer retention and revenue maximization. Profit maximization is determined by the quantity of product they sell. When the marginal cost, or the cost incurred by the production of a single unit of the product is equal to the marginal...

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Assignment2 Cost Classification & Pricing

well. The price range should be within a range that your target consumers can comfortably afford. There are two objectives of Hawk-eye’s pricing, which are maximization of profit as well as revenue. Profit maximization entails setting prices at the highest possible level, so as to increase profits in the short-term, while revenue maximization entails setting prices at the lowest level possible to meet higher sales volume (Thomas, 2012) Price analysis In determining the price of a given product, it...

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lufthansa cargo ag: capacity and dynamic pricing(WHU)

conditions- profit maximization becomes essentially revenue maximization – firms should focus on max revenue **Rev Mgmt matters: firms implement it to report 3 to 7 % revenue increase w/ relatively little additional capacity investment: -Profit impact of revenue increase (all in percentage) : ∆ in profit = -If net profit is 2% & gross margin is 100%, a 1% increase in revenue increases the profit by 50% -Many industries have large gross margin, high fixed cost, and low new profit Booking Limit:...

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Variable Cost and Additional Customers

choose to maximize profits? Through the Attachment: (Evening time) Contribution Margin = average purchase revenue-average purchase cost = $30.52-$23.25 = $7.27 per customer per purchase Average numbers of customer: (Attachment 2) close time averge customers Time Total customer 10pm 10.18 10pm~11pm 12 11pm 10.16 10pm~12pm 21 12pm 10.08 10pm~1am 27 1am 9.71 10pm~2am 32 2am 9.4 10pm~3am 36 3am 9.06 10pm~4am 39 4am 8.71 1. Average profit for the additional...

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The Behavior of Perfectly Competitive Market

behave? How much should they produce? i.e. How much should farmers produce now that the price of rice is P 25? Such questions concerns the supply behavior of PCF In line with this, we will assume that competitive firms maximizes profits, which is TR – TC. *Profit Maximization requires that firm manage its internal operations (prevent waste, encourage worker morale, choose efficient prod’n process and so forth) and make sound decisions in the market place (buy correct quantity of inputs at least cost...

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Assignment 4

will be the profit-maximizing level of output for the firm? What will be the price at the profit maximizing quantity? The profit maximizing output for the firm will be 4 units, the price at a this output level is $10,000/unit. e. (1 point) Assuming the DeBeers Diamonds can operate as in d) above, what will be the total profit at the profit-maximizing quantity? Briefly explain what would have to be true in order for profit to persist in the long-run for the DeBeers diamonds? Total profit= total revenue-...

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Assignment 1 ECO 740 SEPT 2014

objectives. Managerial decision problems like the amount of products that is needed to be produced, the type or kind of product to be produced, the technique or method of producing a product, the price of product, strategies needed to maximize the profit of the organization and other problems have to be solved in order to achieve the organization’s goals. The process of managerial decision-making applies both economic theory and the tools of decision science in solving these problems where economic...

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Week 4 Assignment Xeco212

Maximizing Profits in Market Structures Student Name XECO/212 Month Day, Year Instructor Name The three important market structures in economics are competitive markets, monopolies, and oligopolies. Each market plays a different role in the economy. Competitive markets are when no firm has the power to affect the market price of a good and “many buyers and sellers trading identical products so that each buyer and seller is a price taker”...

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