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Poetic Form

English poetic drama in the twentieth century arose as a reaction to the deteriorating naturalistic prose plays of Ibsen, Shaw and Galsworthy. Its photographic realism failed to convey the tension and complexity of contemporary life. Stephen Phillips perhaps initiated the revival of poetic drama with Herod (1901), with great Irish writers like Yeats, Synge and O'Casey later reinforcing the movement. Eliot took to writing plays late while already enjoying colossal poetic fame. Also a mature critic...

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Poetic Analysis

THEME 1# Genesis In Mark McWatt's anthology "The Journey to Le Repentir" McWatt examine various aspects of beginnings. McWatt skillfully uses a poetic device called imagery to emphasize the beginning of new life and sublime genesis. McWatt also makes use of a particular structure which is patterned by poets who dominated the early modern English period of poetry, called blank verses. However, by gracefully imbed images to illustrated diverse aspects of birth and creation of infinite potential...

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Poetic Terminology

Assignment #1: Poetic Terminology 1. Alliteration- repetition of a particular sound or syllable two or more times in a group [EX: Elderly elephants egress elegantly] 2. Allusion- casual reference or implication of something [EX: Titles of books often allude to what the contents will hold, subtly or not. A book titled Little House on the Prairie implies that there will be a small house on a plain of grass.] 3. Analogy-two things that have something in common making them comparable [EX:...

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Poetic form and language in 'The Pains of Sleep' by Samuel Taylor Coleridge.

four lines of the stanza form an abab quatrain and pull us into the poet's nightmares. Line 18 begins a tercet whose alliteration of 'lurid light' and 'trampling throng' and assonance of 'o' vowel sounds suggests surreal, nightmarish landscapes full of embodied wrongs against which the poet is 'powerless' (line 21) and the caesura in 'Fantastic passions! Maddening brawl!' (line 25) further highlights the uncertainty with which he views these images. Lines 27-30 take the form of an abab quatrain. Whether...

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Poetic style of Robert Frost

early romantic poets as we can see the romantic features in his poems and also by the contemporary British poets as Edward Thomas, Rupert Brooke and Robert Graves. Many of his poems had to do with nature and transcendentalism. "Of all his poetic elements, Frost's style seems the hardest to pin down. Actually one cannot pin it down, but something could be said to further our un-enlightenment", says Lawrence Thompson. He then moves on to state what Frost said about style in a letter to his...

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A report analyzing the poetic devices used in the poem "Oranges"

point across better. One of these literary devices is free verse. A free verse poem is a poem that does not have a fixed line length, stanza form, rhyme scheme, or meter. For example in verses one through four, the first time I walked with a girl, I was twelve, cold, and weighted down with two oranges in my pocket, there is no fixed line length, stanza form, rhyme scheme, or meter. The poet used a free verse in this poem to keep it in a casual mood. The poem is not about some great moment that would...

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How does Hardy use language and poetic form to convey meaning and ideas in ‘Wagtail and Baby’?

How does Hardy use language and poetic form to convey meaning and ideas in ‘Wagtail and Baby’? The poem ‘Wagtail and baby’ is a commentary of the observations from the perspective of an infant by the side of a ford. The focus of the baby is the wagtail and it watches as various animals approach it. What causes the baby confusion is the animals cause the bird no stress, but when a man approaches the bird flys swiftly away in ‘Terror’ before he even gets close. Thomas Hardy has done this to show...

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Sonnets and the Form of

rime scheme and is only one stanza but other than that it has the form of a sonnet. It was written in iambic pentameter, which is traditional. The structure matters because it allows the poem to have fluency while talking about what it is itself. It would be silly to have a poem talking about sonnets be anything other than a sonnet. “A Wedding Sonnet for the Next Generation” written by Judith Viorst is traditional but the form is not perfect. It does have a traditional rime scheme. The octave...

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Carefully Read the Poem Simon Lee by William Wordsworth (Romantic Writings: an Anthology Pp.60-63). Write an Essay of Not More Than 1,500 Words in Which You Analyse the Poem and Comment on the Poetic Form and Language

therefore, in this essay we will attempt a ‘social’ or ‘historical’ kind of approach. We shall try to ‘read’ the idealistic language found in the poem as social or historical discourse through the poetic techniques employed by the writer. In other words, we will analyse the way various elements of poetic form and language combine to create meaning and effects. Simon Lee is about an old huntsman who, while was once strong and active, now strives to fight his declined health and strength. The poem...

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The Sick Rose vs. London: a Poetic Comparison

The Sick Rose vs. London: A poetic Comparison William Blake was a renowned poet whose works continue to be recognized long after his death. Blake was more than a poet he was also a painter and printmaker. Often his engraving art would act as the accompanying image to his poetry. Throughout his lifetime the British poet wrote several poems. The vast...

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