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There are many signs that indicates his love will not end for example sea gangs dry, rocks melted by the sun. * It seems he has been away with her but committed that he will with her definitely only for short period of time. * The final stanza wraps up the poem’s complexity with a farewell and a promise of return. * In conclusion, Burns teaches us the importance of love and is hard to accept those memories if fall in love to someone. * ANANLYSIS OF D POEM * She is as sweet...

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Stanza and Anne Frank

suspense undergone by Anne Frank and the family who took shelter in a narrow space in an upstairs building. Andrew Motion in his poem tries his best to make the reader feels the actual tense, fear and suspicion towards Anne’s situation. The first stanza begins with “Even now” signifies the narrator’s sense of amazement that he is in Amsterdam visiting Anne Frank’s house. He is unbelievable whether he is actually at Frank’s house. The remainder of the first line indicates that 30 years have passed...

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Maya Angelou Essay

life around, this is seen straightaway in the first stanza when she writes all of the tasks she has to complete before the day is out, “The floor to mop // The food to shop // Then the chicken to fry” This emphasises her feelings towards her dull and drab life whilst also showing that she has the potential to be more which brings in the use of feminism in this poem. She knows that she is more than what is expected of her which is why she asks in stanza three to be blown away “from here With your fiercest...

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The Bells: Edgar Allan Poe

the poem. It contains four movements in imitation of the four stanzas of "The Bells," as translated into Russian. Yes, the poem is musical. However, it is not true that it lacks substance, as the analysis on this page attempts to demonstrate. *Theme: Death ultimately triumphs over life (or, life is a journey toward death). The bells ring joyfully in youth. However, even as they ring, death lurks in the background. For example, in Stanza 1, the narrator hears the tinkling sleigh bells at night (Line...

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La Belle Dame Sans Merci- Analysis

loitering in this withering place (stanzas 1-3). Then the knight tells his sad love story about a lady he once met in the meads and with who he instantly fell in love with. She took him to her grotto and revealed therefore her fairy origin. She fed him and talked in an incomprehensible language (stanzas 4-8). She lulled him asleep and he had a horrible nightmare, where loads of death-pale noblemen appeared. All were warning him from “La Belle Dame Sans Merci” (stanzas 9-11). The poem ends how it started...

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Thomas Hardy

the clumsy third stanza, where “listlessness” rhymes with Hardy's unfortunate coinage (invented word) “existlessness”, and we find the gauche and repetitious phrase “no more again” in the stanza's final line. Wind and Rain n this poem Hardy adopts an almost mathematical precision in his rhythm and in his choice of words. The second line of each stanza, for instance, lists the members of the family: * “He, she, all of them” stanzas 1 and 4, * “Elders and juniors” stanza 2, * “Men and...

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Mametz Wood

is written in three-line stanzas. The length of the lines changes. In some cases (for instance lines 4 and 12) the longer lines very clearly break up the neat form of the poem. These suggest the uneven ploughed field or the chits of bone rising out of the ground. The use of full-stops shows there is a clear, regular structure within the poem: a single stanza is followed by a pair of stanzas, then another single stanza is followed by another pair. The final, seventh stanza acts as a conclusion. ...

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Bruce Dawe's "Enter Without So Much As Knocking": An Analysis

interpreted by material possessions. At the beginning of the first stanza, the sentences have been made very short and simple, as if to demonstrate the thoughts of a new born child. The first voice that the baby hears when he is born is Bobby Dazzler, one of Australia's first game shows. The very first thing that the baby hears is not the voice of his mother, nor the voice of his father, but the voice of materialism. This first stanza instantly creates the feeling of a home in the 1950s, where television...

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Analysis of the Filling Station

personality The poem filling station by Elizabeth Bishop is unique in which the speaker’s personality changes as we go along the poem. The manner in which the speaker initially views the filling station with disgust is clearly shown in the opening stanza of the poem. However, this changes as we go along the poem. The speaker becomes less judgmental and more objective. She initially finds only disorder in the filling station; however, as we go along the poem, she realizes that the order outweighs the...

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Ib Example

Secret Life of Books” is divided into five stanzas, each six lines in length. A lyric poem, it is a brief commentary revealing the speaker’s emotions on its topic. Within such a brief length, Edgar has developed a specific structure to each stanza. Of the six lines in a stanza, the first is long (10-12 syllables), the second is short (3-5 syllables), the third and fourth are long, the fifth is short, and the sixth is long. The second and sixth lines of each stanza rhyme, or come close to rhyming, as do...

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Points of View Commentary

Furthermore, Roy seems to be critical of the aforementioned Western lifestyle and this poem presents an underlying moral that everybody should be grateful for what they have, regardless of how basic those things are. Roy's poem is comprised of two main stanzas; the first of which details the women's daily struggle to provide water for their families. The term “scoop up” evokes an image of a woman scooping up water with her bare hands, which is definitely an image of poverty – perhaps these women are unable...

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Spec Slims - Migrant Hostel

living in an overly-crowded lodge. The first stanza captures the temporary nature of the immigrants stay at the hostel; “comings and goings”, “arrivals of newcomers” and “sudden departures”. The second stanza goes on to express the cultural divisions existing within the hostel; “nationalities sought”. The next stanza reminds the responder of the seasonal, short time spent in the hostel and the boredom, tedium and uncertainty which results. The final stanza concludes the poem by creating a strong sense...

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fireworks poem

assonances. The poem is written in seven stanzas, which includes four regular quatrains and three regular couplets. The first stanza is a couplet that tells the reader the poet hates this person and the person hates the poet too. It also states that they are both polite about it. The second and third stanzas (quatrains) describe to the reader what happens when the poet sees her enemy. The poet’s anger is expressed though vivid fireworks. The fourth stanza (a couplet) again tells the reader the poet...

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An Explication of "The Day Came Slow Till Five O'Clock"

significant to the woman. The poem is sixteen lines, written in Iambic Tetrameter, and follows the abcbdefeghihjklk rhyme scheme. The poet starts the first stanza by using references to jewels to describe the appearance of the sunrise as it comes over a hill. She first describes the colors as “rubies” (3) and later, “topaz” (7). In the same stanza, after describing the sunrise, the poet mentions that “A sudden musket spills” (4), there is no mention of a year or an era, but the sound of a gunshot from...

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1 Analysis Of The Dawn Appears With But

paper will analyze the poetic elements in the work, stanza by stanza. First, because the poem is being read on-line, it’s not possible to say for certain that each stanza is a particular number of lines long. Each of several versions looks different on the screen; that is, there is no pattern to the number of lines in each stanza. However, the stanzas are more like paragraphs in a letter than they are poetic constructions. This is the first stanza, which is quoted in full to give a sense of the entire...

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Lament for the Makaris

“Lament for the Makaris” is a poem in twenty-five stanzas, each of four lines with a rhyme scheme of aabb and a recurring refrain. Although written in a ballad form, William Dunbar’s poem is actually a meditation on serious moral and religious issues, including what for his time would have been the most important of all, the afterlife. The poem is about mutability and transition, including the transition from life to death, and what the human response to those changes should be. Death is a central...

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Sylvia Plath Essay Lady Lazarus

poem is written in three lined stanzas, each stanza adding metaphors and evidence to her true purpose of the poem. The first stanza opens the poem with the idea of an event happening more than once, and this event is not necessarily bad because she has achieved it again. This event she speaks of is her rebirth. The next three stanzas she jumps to the comparison of her being a Jewish walking miracle, referring to the many who survived the holocaust. The next three stanzas refer back to the biblical story...

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English Litereture

first stanza, the speaker says wistfully that there was a time when all of nature seemed dreamlike to him, “apparelled in celestial light,” and that that time is past; “the things I have seen I can see no more.” In the second stanza, he says that he still sees the rainbow, and that the rose is still lovely; the moon looks around the sky with delight, and starlight and sunshine are each beautiful. Nonetheless the speaker feels that a glory has passed away from the earth. In the third stanza, the speaker...

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Poem Africa

changes to her homeland. In Maya Angelou's poem “Africa”, the speaker portrays the country as this African American woman. The speaker uses metaphors and imagery of a woman’s body and Africa’s landscape throughout the poem starting in the first stanza. Thus she had lain,(1) sugar cane sweet (2) deserts her hair (3) golden her feet (4) mountains her breast (5) two Niles her tears (6) Notice how the speaker uses mountains portraying a woman breast, probably because mountains are big...

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Analysis of the Poem "Daffodils" by William Wordsworth

Ефимовой В., гр.02174 “Daffodils” analysis The poem “Daffodils” is also known by the title “I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud”, a lyrical poem written by William Wordsworth in 1804. It was published in 1815 in 'Collected Poems' with four stanzas. William Wordsworth is a well-known romantic poet who believed in conveying simple and creative expressions through his poems. In English literature, Wordsworth was one of the pioneers in the development of the Romantic Movement, or romanticism, a movement that...

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The Jaguar, by Ted Hughes

imagery in the audience's mind as it emphasizes the lack of movement in the first stanza. The use of enjambment further reinforces the sense of motionlessness of these animals. The tigers and lions, animals that are thought of as fierce and ferocious, as described here as sleeping and fatigued in order to create contrast with the jaguar, so that its brutality and energy is enhanced. The next stanza continues from stanza one and begins with 'lie still as the sun'. This phrase illustrates the ordinariness...

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Poem analysis of 'A song of the republic' by Henry Lawson and 'If You Forget Me' by Pablo Neruda

a love poem. The poem 'If You Forget Me' can be interpreted in many ways and is like many other modern poems, it has no set rhyme or rhythm. The poem has 48 lines and is made up of 3 stanzas. These stanzas have a huge variety in their sizes with the smallest stanza consisting of 2 lines whereas the largest stanza consists of 14 lines. 'If You Forget Me' is mainly about Neruda's belief of how love and relationships should work and that there is a thin line between love and hate and once this line...

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Poetry Analysis: Joseph Von Eichendorff

four-line stanzas. The stanzas are written in an alternating end rhyme scheme and it is striking that the first and the third stanza both contain an imperfect rhyme. In addition, there are enjambed line-breaks between the respective first and second line of the first and third stanza. Due to the similarity of the structure of these stanzas, the second stanza seemed to be framed and the poem appears as a circle. The rhythmic meter is iambic with alternate female and masculine cadences. Each stanza features...

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Explication of 'Bridge of Sighs' by Edgar Allan Poe includes an excerpt of the poem

life. In the first 2 stanzas, each alternating 3- and 2- foot lines with an 'abab' rhyme pattern, the narrator uses a steady and simple rhythm to establish the somber, introspective mood of the poem. A feeling of pity for the beautiful but obsessive subject is set. Every line of the poem is begun with a single trochaic foot, with iambs completing the line. This emphasizes the first syllable, and I feel, gives a driving force rather than a rolling tune to the poem. The next stanza first hints at the...

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This poem is a dramatic monologue written in the Victorian era. Structure The poem is written in first person narrative. It has 6 stanzas of 8 lines: One stanza each on the narrator, the Lord and Kate; stanza 4 contrasts the position of the narrator and Kate; stanza 5 criticises Kate and stanza 6 focuses on the narrator’s triumph at having a child. Each stanza is the same length and each line has a similar rhythm, giving it a ballad-like feel. It could also be conveying the strength and perseverance...

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Themes- Wilfred Owen

This is shown in three stanzas of the poem. Each stanza discusses different aspects of the war, supported by numerous techniques that help to warn the home front that war is immoral and horrendous. The use of repetition in “Stroke on stroke of pain” is used to evoke feeling from the audience and to emphasise the pain suffered by the soldiers. The repetitive ‘s’ sound also creates imagery; you can almost see and sense what it would have been like to experience the war. Stanza one has five sentences...

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Commentary: The Send Off ( WW1 Poetry)

In this poem, a more realistic, dismal attitude towards going off to war is taken. With elevated language and the haphazard rhyme scheme within the short stanzas, the poem nearly possesses a standard format, however the deviations match the message of a sort of reluctance to going off to war, and the war as a concept. The first short stanza opens with a hard “d” sound of “down” almost immediately setting a dark atmosphere, and sets the scene for going off to war. With the description of “darkening...

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Literature of Faith and Doubt

soul mate. This morning we are going to discus two poems “natures questioning by Thomas hardy and “creed by Steve turner”. The clarification for the structure where Hardy has repeated A,b,b,a throughout seven stanzas, he provides seven reasons to not believe in God. The first stanza describes an emotionless scene of a field containing trees, animals and a pool, which are objects, not enmeshed in his life. Hardy describes nature as something that is vigorous and alive and is now comatose and...

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And 2morrow

all his words correctly in the last stanza of the poem. And 2Morrow Today is filled with anger fueled with hidden hate scared of being outcast afraid of common fate In this first stanza there is a rhyming scheme. “Hate” and “fate” rhyme. Fate determines who and what you will be. When he wrote “afraid of common fate”, he was saying that he is afraid that gang-life is going to become his destiny. The rhyme scheme in this poem is A,B,C,B. The mood in this stanza is worried or anxious. Today is built...

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dover beach

used in order to draw a comparison between the fights of nature and the human misery. The poem consists of four stanzas which have a different amount of lines. The first stanza consists of 14 lines, the second of six, the third of eight and the last line of nine lines. The rhyme scheme is very irregular. For example, in the first eight lines of the poem it is abacdbdc. The first stanza can be divided into two parts. In the first part (line one to line six) the lyrical I describes the motions of...

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The Jaguar

in a zoo and their lifestyles. It also compares them to the jaguar, which is an animal that lives very differently to the others because of the way it views its life. Yet how does the poem depict the jaguar as a powerful and free animal? The first stanza of Hughes’ poem the jaguar is: ‘The apes yawn and adore their fleas in the sun. ‘The parrots shriek as if they were on fire, or strut Like cheap tarts to attract the stroller with the nut.’ ‘Fatigued with indolence, tiger and lion’ ...

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Desert Places

and isolation from the world is nothing compare to the feelings of loneliness and emptiness within. This meaning is effectively communicated by the poem’s imagery and by the denotation and connotation of the words Frost has chosen. In the first stanza, the setting is developed with the use of words ‘night’ and ‘snow’ and they both carry negative connotation. Snow is employed throughout the poem to show the lack of identity; it also has characteristics of cold and formless white sheet. This observations...

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"The Landlady" Poetry Commentary

emotions and thoughts to carry to the next line all the way to the end of the poem. The poem runs for 9 stanzas, all of which vary in the number of lines. The shorter stanzas are in the beginning and in the end; where as the larger stanzas are in the middle. The poem begins and ends with a one line stanza, the first one being a full sentence, where as the last line finishing off the sentence of the 8th stanza. The first line compares the landlady to an animal, a mean dangerous one, as the landlady is said...

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Poems of Siegfried Sassoon

speaking of war as being a cause of death. Because he is less conventional; he is less traditional , he is writing poems labeled until now as anti war poems , we find the division of his sentences, rhyme in words, the division of the poem into 2 stanzas, conversational style, we can say that he is turning to heritage that is used by the modernists . If we are to examine this poem with other poems from the modern literature , we will find that it does complete some of the demands of modern poetry...

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Compare and Contrast 'to His Coy Mistress' and 'Passionate Shepherd to His Love'

three stanza’s which are used to persuade the woman to give up her virginity before her beauty dies. It is a conventional poem for its time in the 17th century. In the first stanza Marvel introduces his mistress as the receiver of this poem. The first stanza is his thesis, the beginning of his argument. In this stanza Marvel tells his mistress what they could do if they had all the time in the world. He says if they had enough time her shyness would not affect his love for her, he would wait....

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Narrow Fellow

poets use rhythm to “reinforce meaning” (2192). In “A narrow Fellow in the Grass” Emily Dickinson uses all of these methods of creating rhythm to reveal the speaker’s feelings about his encounters with snakes and nature’s other creatures. The stanzas in “A narrow Fellow in the Grass” are made up of alternating lines of iambic tetrameter and imabic trimeter. A nar(row Fel(low in ( the Grass Ocas( sional( ly rides – You may ( have met (Him – did ( you not His no ( tice sud ( den is - ...

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Les Murray "The Burning Truck" and "Widower in the Country"

goes away The Poem Is Structured Into five stanzas with the first describing the speed of an attack on the town. The second describes the violence and damage left behind from the attack from the planes. In the third stanza it goes on to describe what should happen, the violence continues "It would not stop". The fourth shows the difference between the people, there are "the wild boys of the streets" who seem to enjoy what is happening. In the final Stanza It tells us that war brings out the most wild...

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Men At forty analysis

father’s inspiration also comes into play. In the first stanza in lines 2-4 when the author states that “Men at forty learn to close softly the doors to rooms they will not be coming back to”, the author is referring to the thought of moving forward and the idea that the past must be left behind. In other words men at forty tend to have many regrets which now have no remedy, therefore they learn to simply live with that regret. In the following stanza, the author is speaking about the health issues that...

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Promise – a Creative Response to ‘Praise Song for My Mother’

2. Ask students whether a mother or parent could be a ‘star’ to their child? You may want to model (now or after step 4) using these ideas to write a stanza of the poem, or work collaboratively as a class to write a stanza, or ask students to work in pairs to write a short stanza and share some with the class. This will help prevent all students from following the same format as the teacher model. 3. In pairs or small groups, ask students to repeat this task...

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Poem : "Mr. Bleaney" by Philip Larkin - analysed in full

realise that by wanting to live in the marked room of Mr Bleaney, and by acquiring his habits, he is in fact a replica of the figure he contemplates and condemns; although in the last two stanzas there is a suggested subconscious dread that he is following in the same footsteps as Mr Bleaney. 'Mr Bleaney' has seven stanzas, each with four lines, formed with an alternate rhyming scheme. It is written in iambic pentameters. The very name Bleaney immediately gives a feel of dull blandness, of dreariness...

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The Abortion - Anne Sexton

journey whilst undergoing an abortion. I intend to discuss how through the effective use of imagery, tone, symbolism and word choice the poet successfully builds up an atmosphere which adds to your appreciation of the poem. Within stanzas one and two the poet uses imagery and word choice to convey that the narrator is thinking about new life, pregnancy and babies. "bud puffing out from its knot" This gives off the image of a flower blooming in Spring...

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Analysis of "Not Waving but Drowning" by Stevie Smith

the poem it’s meaning might not be so obvious. In the second stanza there is a change from what seems to be the dead man speaking to others talking about what he was like when he was alive. It shows how, to other people, the man seemed happy, but it also seems as though the author means to give the impression that other people think that it was this one event that caused the man to finally break down. He says in the next stanza however that “…it was too cold always” which I think shows that he...

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What have you understood to be the relationship between innocence and experience in Blake's Songs? Support your discussion with appropriate illustration from the poems.

Tyger" from Experience. "The Lamb" consists of two stanzas, each one of them based on simple rhyming scheme like the children's songs. The first stanza poses the questions while the second one is left for the answers. The questions are for the lamb, the speaker, presumably a child, asks the animal who has made it. The whole description of the animal supposes a meek and good one, the use of soft vowels makes the perception stronger. The second stanza gives the answers, although obvious, they are given...

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Sparknote Motifs in Bro' Man

The poem “ORPHEUS (1)”and “EURYDICE” by Margaret Atwood gives us a glimpse of what What the underworld is like. The title “ORPHEUS (1)”speaks of some sort of Greek mythology and tells What The poem is supposed t be about .It tells that the stanzas which follow will be about a male Grecian Therefore the readers will initially get the impression that the poem will be told from Orpheus’ perspective, however, upon reading further you will realize that the poem is not being told from his perspective...

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'The Escape from Youth' by Tony Lintermans tutorial.

hate - the son has forgiven him?), but he is also carrying the burden of guilt around with him (my father's face, more bitten than before). Stanza one My father's discipline closed me like a box A hardness hammered shut the lid. For fifteen years, no matter what he did, I was unreachable. Venom sealed the locks. Content: The 'story' within this stanza is of the poet explaining how he came to become a recluse to mankind for 15 years due to his fathers overly hard disciplining. Techniques: Techniques...

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simon lee

poem 'Simon Lee' is made up of thirteen stanzas, it is written in a variant form of the traditional ballad. Conventionally a ballad is formed of quatrains, the second and fourth lines rhyming, the lines are iambic, an unstressed syllable followed by a stressed one, with four stresses on the first and third lines and three on the second and fourth lines. The stanzas in Simon Lee are eight lines long, or octets, however there is a distinction within each stanza splitting them into two quatrains. The...

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A Litany in Time of Plague

uses, help to set this poem apart from other works from this time. The poem is made up of six stanzas, each adhering to the rhyme scheme of A-A-B-B-C-C-D. This implemented rhyme scheme makes it so that when the poem is read, it possesses a smooth flowing movement. Within the poem, each stanza keeps the same two ending lines, “I am sick I must die/God have mercy on us!” It could be determined that every stanza must come to the same end much like every human life must meet the same fate—a driving theme...

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Critical Analysis of "Anthem For A Doomed Youth" By Wilfred Owen. This is an good paper by most standards.

"anger," and "rattle." These are words that give the reader a taste of fear, and a sense of echoing loneliness. The second stanza continues in its comparing of the sounds and images of a funeral procession to the sounds and images of a battlefield. He uses vivid words to show the harshness of war in this stanza just as he did in the first stanza. However, in the second stanza, Owen focuses on imagery of sadness and remorse rather than evil and horror. Owen seems to be sequentially describing the problems...

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‘Still I Rise’ by Maya Angelou ‘Still I Rise’ is a protest poem that talks about the slavery, oppression, dreams and hopes of black slaves. The poem has nine stanzas the first seven are all four lines long and have a rhyming pattern of ABCB, the last two stanzas are longer which shows the significance of the message portrayed in those two stanzas. ‘Still I rise’ is an upbeat, defiant poem with an upbeat and fast rhythm. Angelou uses similes to convey how black people were badly treated by white...

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Analysis of "Dover Beach" by Matthew Arnold

first stanza describes the sea, whereas the second stanza talks about historical philosophers, the penultimate stanza is once again linked with the sea and finally the last stanza is about mankind once again. This poem has four stanzas, each containing 14,6,8,9 lines respectively. This poem is comprised of free verse, though there is an iambic stress on each line. The first stanza has a rhyme scheme of "abacdbdcefcffg", the second stanza has a rhyme scheme of "abacbc". In the third stanza only half...

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Poetry Appreciation

situations. The structure of the poem is separated into four stanzas each one being an octet. Punctuation suggests that every two lines can be read as one, the metre of the poem is iambic pentameter, each line having 5 iambs and 10 syllables when two lines are read as one. The rhyming pattern in stanza one, two and four is ababcdcd but stanza three is ababacac. The poem mainly has a regular rhyming scheme but the ‘flow’ is disrupted in stanzas one and four lines five and six, I am not sure if this was...

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Poetry Approaches

Essay approaches for Poetry analysis Stanza by stanza approach Poetic techniques approach Thematic approach 1. Intro a. Hook sentence (quote, fact, restate question) b. Identify title and author c. Outline thesis that names the key elements you’re going to analyse 2. Body paragraph 1 d. Stanza analysis i. Structure ii. Tone iii. Figurative Language iv. Symbolism v. Meaning – surface & deeper message ...

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Prayer Before Birth

unborn child expresses its fear of what the world can do to the innocent.  It does this through the form of a prayer (possibly to God) in which it pleas to be preserved from the dangers that future on earth might hold, including its own corruption (4th stanza). Tone The tone of this poem can be interpreted in a number of different ways.  The child seems fearful of the future and as such urgent and impassioned in its dialect.  The poem also seems to have an apocalyptic or nightmarish feel to it.  The...

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Analysis of Cilla Mcqueen's Poem "Otherwise"

speaker and her friend on the other side of the Pacific. The speaker day dreams about what would happen if they were together, then ends on the bittersweet note that despite the distance between them, they still neighbour the same ocean. The first stanzas shows the distance between the two people. The speaker states she comes from an "opposite country", meaning they are as fundamentally different as possible. The speaker illustrates this by showing that simple things that one does not often think about...

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Critical Analysis of Sous Les Arbres

en Fleur”. “L’ Âme en Fleur” is the second book of Victor Hugo’s “Les Contemplations”. Sous Les Abres is the title of the 17th poem while the poems which come directly before it and after aren’t titled. The poem is 24 lines long, consisting of 6 stanzas written in 4 line quatrains. It is written in alexandrines arranged in “rime croisées” throughout the 6 quatrains, with an ABAB style of rhyme. Hugo’s use of the Caesura defies the common practice of breaking the Alexandrine line into two units of...

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Poetry Comparison - Rebellion

poem has fifteen stanzas, each with two lines. Just like any typical free verse poem, this poem does not have any rhyme at the end of each line, but the repetition used in each stanza gives the poem musical qualities. Each pair of stanzas is very contrasting as two opposite situations are presented. Enright’s intellectual choice of opposite words such as, ‘long’ and ‘short’ help the reader compare stanzas. Enright has cleverly conveyed the message of the poem through the last stanza: It is very...

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Poetry and Rhyme Scheme

rhyme scheme 7-5-7 meter or 5-3-5 meter JUE JU Origin: China (Means “frustrated verse”) Four lines of 5 or 7 syllables for each stanza Does NOT tell a story, but creates a mood Does NOT have a rhyme scheme LIMERICK Origin: Ireland Commonly Humorous Five lines per stanza with 8-8-5-5-8 OR 8-8-6-6-8 meter A-A-B-B-A rhyme scheme SIJO Origin: Korea Stanzas are three lines long, with each line having 14- 16 syllables. Halfway through each line, there is a brief pause. At the end of each...

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“I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud”

"I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud" by William Wordsworth takes readers on a reminiscent journey reflecting upon visions of nature.  The diction and figurative language used illustrates the poet's response to nature.  He uses each stanza to share his experience in nature through the image of a dance that culminates in the poet's emotional response. Wordsworth opens with reference to himself through simile as a part of the natural landscape, "I wandered lonely as a cloud / That floats on high" (Line 1)...

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Jordans vs. Nikes

Length Color Rating Poem - The poem consists of three stanzas and it is formed on quatrains. In the first stanza the black man talks about the fear that he would not have a good harvest because the wind or birds could take the seed away. Actually the action of “planting” is metaphorical and means that this black man has fears for the future, which seems disappointing to him. That is he “plants” his labor for a better future. In the second stanza the man says that even though he had enough seeds planted...

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What do you find most striking about the poem Kubla Khan?

we could imagine more clearly the pleasure dome in the dream like surrounding. Each stanza differs a little bit in rhyme scheme. First stanza is written in iambic tetrameter with a rhyme scheme of ABAABCCDEDE, whereas second stanza follows the rhyming pattern, which is expanded ABAABCCDDFFGGHIIHJJ. The third stanza has shorter rhyme scheme of ABABCC. The fourth stanza continues the tetrameter of the third stanza and rhymes ABCCBDEDEFGFFFGHHG. This kind of rhyme scheme represents the flow of river...

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