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Organizational Behaviour The Shipping Industry Accounting Team Case

THE SHIPPING INDUSTRY ACCOUNTING TEAM Summary: Sarah (the name given by us) has been working in McKay, Sanderson, and Smith Associates a mid-sized accounting team located in Boston that is specialized in commercial accounting and audits for past five years. Her specialty is accounting practices for shipping companies, ranging from small to certain big fleets along east coast. About two months ago her company merged with another two other accounting firms which has offices in Miami, Seattle, Baton...

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The Shipping Industry Accounting Team: Communication and Team Issues

The Shipping Industry Accounting Team: Communication and Team Issues Abstract Goldberg, Choo, and McKay Associates is a merger with three accounting firms. The accounting department has a division that deals with the shipping industry. After the merger, four accountants from different states united as one team. Each team member was new to a long-distance team relationship, so they were worried about how the team would function. They had a task to attract new customers...

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virtual team - Organizational Behaviour

disadvantages of virtual teams. Outline the factors required for virtual teams to be successful.(10 marks) A virtual team is a team whose members operate across space, time and organizational boundaries, and are linked through information technologies to achieve organizational tasks. [1] With more and more corporations having their business operations going global and being enabled by the advancement of technology, virtual team becomes an emerging new-age trend. [2] Virtual teams offer several advantages...

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Organizational Behaviour

ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOUR MODULE 12 Professional Qualification in Human Resource Management Stage II Prepared By: S.S.Premerathne PQHRM 62/46 INSTITUTE OF PERSONNEL MANAGEMENT SRI LANKA 43, Vijaya Kumaratunga Mawatha, Colombo 05. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT I dedicate this assignment to all the PQHRM lectures for their tireless effort in teaching us this vast subject and for trying to mould us into young Human Resource Personnel. CONTENTS QUESTION 1: ...

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The Shipping Industry Accounting Team

mid-sized accounting firm in Boston that specializes in commercial accounting and audits. My particular specialty in accounting practices for shipping companies, ranging from small fishing fleets to a couple of the big firms with ships along the East Coast. About 18 months ago McKay, Sanderson, and Smith Associates became part of a large merger involving two other accounting firms. These firms have offices in Miami, Seattle, Baton Rouge, and Los Angeles. Although the other two accounting firms were...

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Case Study: Organization Behaviour

react in such manner towards Melinda? Do you think these reactions are justified? Organizational change is the alteration of the way in which people are organized (Dessler Gary, 2002). This can be something as simple as an organization restructuring itself in relative to resources, for example human resources as the case may be. However the housing industry association in Brisbane brought about an organizational change relative to the human resources in the company by promoting the 2-year-old working...

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Organizational behaviour

productivity regardless of the field in question. However different companies approach this objective through different ways due to their internal structure, industry, size, business environment and other variables that form its organizational culture. The study of these mannerisms from management to employees can be said to be organizational behaviour. Sheetal Narkar defines it as “The field of study which investigates the input that individuals, groups and structures have on behavior within an organization”...

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Organizational Behaviour Case Analysis

Case Analysis: Leading Change At Simmons Problem Identification In the case ‘Leading Change at Simmons’, the fundamental issue for Simmons Company is whether or not it should go ahead with Eitel’s proposed idea of a culture change program which would cost $7.2 million at a time where the company is encompassed in a myriad of problems and severe economic crises’. The program has had initial success but its future profitability still remains largely uncertain due to high levels of...

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Organizational Behaviour

INDEX I. Organizational Behaviour … 2 II. Motivation …3 * Motivation Concepts * Motivation Theories * Intrinsic Motivation and the 16 basic desires III. Leadership … 6 * Leadership Traits/Qualities * Leadership...

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Organizational Behaviour

ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOR Course Code: MHR106 Credit Units: 03 Course Objective: To help the students gain knowledge about the functions and responsibilities of the manager and to provide students an understanding of Human Behaviour in organizations at individual, group and organizational level so as to enhance their managerial effectiveness. Course Contents: Module I: Introduction to Self and Management The Transactional Analysis, Managing and Managers, Organization, Organizations...

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