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Natural Number

 Stellar Numbers Results 1. Triangular Numbers Observation of the number pattern of polynomial type or different pattern needed. Identifying the order of the general term by using the difference between the succeeding numbers. Students are expected to use mathematical way of deriving the general term for the sequence. Students are expected use technology GDC to generate the 7th and 8th terms also can use other graphic packages to find the general pattern to support their result The...

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Application Controls, a Case Study

the system are: * Clock Cards Payroll number Department Week Number Name Hours worked Salary * Timesheets Payroll Number Department Week Number Name Holiday Hours Overtime Hours Hours Worked Rate per hour Salary * Variance Returns Department Period (Month/Week number) Budgeted Salary to be paid (weekly/monthly) Actual Salary Paid (weekly/monthly) Variance * Commission Rates Payroll Number Department Name Sales Rate (%) Commission Pay ...

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selling his gold. The king wants to find the thief but only has a pan balance. Being conservative, he wants to use the pan balance as few times as possible. What is the least number of trials he will have to do in order to guarantee that he has found the lightest bag? Process To solve the problem, I accumulated the least number of trials into a table to look for a pattern. of Bags Least of Gold of Trials 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 1 1 2 2 2 2 2 2 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 20 21 22 23...

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HỌC HUFLIT 2014 BÀI 11 (NC) UNION-FIND DISJOINT SETS THEORY In computing, a disjoint-set data structure, also called a union–find data structure or merge–find set, is a data structure that keeps track of a set of elements partitioned into a number of disjoint (nonoverlapping) subsets. It supports two useful operations: o Find: Determine which subset a particular element is in. Find typically returns an item from this set that serves as its "representative"; by comparing the result of two...

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Equi Marginal Utility

What Is A Compatible Number? I Am In The Third Grade And I Need An Exa... A compatible number is one that is near the actual number, but is easier to use for... I'm Looking For Multiplication Charts, Can You Help? This one here gives you a basic idea of the layout, which is a good place to start.... How Do You Write 5/6 As A Percentage? When we say percentage, we express the term as a fraction of 100. Since you have... Why Is Two The Only Even Prime Number? First look...

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Translating Word and Phrases to Algebraic Expressions

|the sum of a number and 2 | +        |x + 2 | | |plus |two plus a number | | | | |added |two added to a number | | | | |more than |two more than a number ...

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what is meant by ‘flow of execution’ in a program. 2 Total 10 Marks QUESTION 2 a) Define the term scaling and explain how it is an issue for programs we create. 4 b) What would be an appropriate data type to store a book’s ISBN number? Justify your answer. 3 c) Explain the issues of implementation-specific data type representation, that are associated with pseudocode. 3 Total 10 Marks QUESTION 3 a) Explain what is meant by a bounded loop, and give an example...

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=VLOOKUP(SearchCriterion; Array; Index; SortOrder) SearchCriterion is the value searched for in the first column of the array. Array is the reference, which is to comprise at least two columns. Index is the number of the column in the array that contains the value to be returned. The first column has the number 1. SortOrder is an optional parameter that indicates whether the first column in the array is sorted in ascending order. Enter the Boolean value FALSE or zero if the first column is not sorted in ascending...

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Dai Vernon - Card of Gods

the two cards will occupy its own number from the top of the packet. Thus, if you use two "nines," one should be placed eighth and the other ninth from the top; if two "eights," one should be seventh and the other eighth. Professing failure in your search, you say that you'll deal the cards into a face up pile, and ask the spectator to watch for his chosen card and note its position in the pile. The spectator thus watches for his card to remember the number it will fall at, while you take the...

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PT1420 Assign. 10

name number_list.dat, uses a loop to write the number 1 through 100 to the file, and then closes the file. Declare OutputFile numberList Declare Integer counter = 1 Open numberList "number_list.dat" For counter = 1 to 100 Write numberList, counter Next counter End For close numberlist Design an algorithm that does the following: Opens the number_list.dat file that was created by the algorithm created in question 3, read all of the numbers from the file and displays them, and then closes...

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