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Love Song

to do all these things that I want to do but in the end is it worth it? And when he says “let us go then you and I.” maybe he's talking about the afterlife and saying what is the meaning of all of this until you get there. They also talk about Michelangelo, maybe because he’s dead but almost immortalized. A: He said “Do I dare” often and “how should I should I presume” I don’t know maybe that’s just the uncertainty if it all and like the things like he said let us go and take these risks but he questioned...

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Book Report: the Judgement of Paris

methods and approaches of the two painters. Meissonier made numerous preparatory studies for every painting and worked out the composition, "usually by means of a three-dimensional scale model of the scene", a strategy used by painters such as Michelangelo and Gainsborough. "Almost nothing was left to chance or imagination; everything had to be ... impeccably correct." Manet's paintings, by contrast, seemed unfinished, and the visible workmanship contrary to expectations. Today it's hard to imagine...

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Alienation in T. S. Elliot's The Love Song and Preludes

lonliness of the characters and the repetitive life with no sense of change. Repetition is also used in this poem to convey that the alienation is casued by the persona and not the people around him. “In the room the women come and go talking of Michelangelo”. This is used twice in this poem to highlight his insecurity. In both these poems the poet various techniques are used to convey the theme of alienation....

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Positive Psychology Themes

relationship. Sternberg's Triangular Love Theory scale provides insight into the nature of relationships. Hatfield's 2 Factor Theory is another that interprets physiological arousal that happens in a romantic situation such as passion. The Model Michelangelo says our close relationships powerfully shape our well-being. Another theory is the minding theory. The minding theory states that certain types of perceptions and expectations are key to satisfying close relationships. Both people or partners...

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The Thinker

sketching and painting to the art of sculpturing. These attributes are an inherent part of The Thinker. With the close association of his statues and sculptures to painting, the nude pose of The Thinker is often compared to the heroes of Michelangelos renaissance style as seen in The Statue of David (fig.3) and The Dying Slave (fig.4). The nude figure is muscular, taunt, and heroic in stature. With this creative style, Rodin demonstrates the high regard he held for Dante, and though The Thinker...

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Understand Psychology

being misconcepted. Psychology is nearly one of the most fascinating curriculums offered at Universities. The history and origins date as far back as the Greek era of our most exemplified Philosophers-Plato, Leonardo, Galileo, Aristotle, and even Michelangelo. These great men all studied and discussed physiology, philosophy combined with arts and inventions of master minded research. The misconception of psychology is extremely biased, in which, the media and motion picture may have created a shadow...

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Raphael Sanzio

twenty he moved to Florence, which was where he was exposed to Da Vinci's and Michelangelo's work. Although Raphael learned from both men, and made use of their exploration of the human anatomy, it has been said that unlike Da Vinci and Michelangelo, Raphael added sentiment to his paintings. His time in Florence proved to be a very productive period of time in his career. Five years later Raphael moved to Rome. There, he was commissioned to paint some rooms in the Vatican. This was a...

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Caravaggio’s David with the Head of Goliath

David's, are self-portraits at different stages of life though David is described as “il suo Caravaggino”, or in English “his little Caravaggio.”1 This clearly refers to how Caravaggio painted himself when young because although his real name was Michelangelo Merisi he was known in Rome as "Caravaggio".2 Remarkably, despite this, few art historians have noted Caravaggio’s self-identification in both figures. One thought it was partly sub-conscious, a psychic echo of the artist's violent past.3 Michael...

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Renesance art and humanism

These key humanist ideas wanted to achieve a betterment of man, ideas such as these are clearly depicted or seen throughout Renaissance art. A major part of visual art in the Italian renaissance was the portrayal of the human body, Individualism. Michelangelo, one of the greatest artist of all time, made amazing works of art that portrayed the body, especially in the statue of David. David is a statue that is 18 feet tall made out of marble of a standing male nude. It stood in the Florentine, which...

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Renaissance, Reformation, and Enlightenment

afterlife, and nothing more. However, Renaissance thinking (humanism) encouraged the individual to be brought to its furthest potential. Great “Renaissance Men” were those who dabbled diversely: Da Vinci was a painter, scientist, and inventor, and Michelangelo was a sculptor, architect, and painter. This influx of new ideas, especially those that concerned the prominence of the person, threatened the Church’s hitherto unquestioned authority. As the Church tightened its grip on society, more and more...

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